Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January 17th: Kit Kat Chunky Orange

Kcal 247 Fat 12.5g Carbs 30.2g

Day Two, and becuase it's a Tuesday I've decided to throw my least favourite of the selection in to the mix (I don't like Tuesdays :D). Today the Kit Kat Chunky Orange takes it's stab at the JCM rating system. As far as I'm aware this is a bar that is new to the Chunky format, and has only previously appeared in it's two finger form - See HERE. I was interested to see how the bar would do in this 48.0g form - Just for your information all of the new four bars weigh in at 48.0g.

Out of the four this the strongest smelling of the selection, the orange scents radiated from the foil confines as soon as the seal was broken. The bar came described as a 'crispy wafer finger with orange flavoured milk chocolate' - this literally was the two finger orange Kit Kat in a grandeur form. Split in to the three blocks, this was a bar that I felt like I'd had enough of by the second. The orange flavours within the milk chocolate were desperately sugary - more so than the white chocolate. Post consuming the third block I felt that horrible throat burning sensation beginning to stir at the back of my mouth.

Overall I can see chocolate orange fans being happy enough with this bar, but I think the average consumer will be happy enough leaving this flavour to the two-finger format. I would be surprised if this 'Orange' variant took the Chunky Champion crown.

7.8 out of 10

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