January 19th: Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

Kcal 260 Fat 15.2g Carbs 26.2g

Anyone who doubted me saving the best until last obviously doesn't know how things work round here :D This was one of the first ever bars I reviewed on ChocolateMission way waaaaaay back in February 2009 - See HERE. At the time I had no idea that the bar would then go on to be axed for the release of the Kit Kat Chunky Caramel - a decision which many of us today still bemoan :D

'Crispy wafer finger with a creamed peanut topping, covered in milk chocolate' - this not only sounded the business, but the familiar peanut scents smelt just as lovely as I remembered. With all indicators pointing towards things staying true from the old Peanut Butter Chunky it came as no surprise that the memories came flooding back when I took my first bite. The sweet milky chocolate, the malty wafer and the salty peanut topping made for a progressive and beautifully contrasting flavour journey. As ever I still thought the peanut butter lacked the quality of Reese's without the more textured mouth feel and nut intensity. Reese's comparisons aside this was still an extremely satisfying chocolate bar and I savored the taste from the first block to the third.

Overall this is my Kit Kat Chunky Champion of the week. I always think a product should be judged on whether you would buy it again, and this Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter is a bar I can see myself buying frequently. That coming from a guy who has reviewed 1000+ chocolate bars in his time should indicate how highly I rate this bar. I don't like changing previous scores but having been in the situation where we have been denied it for the past two years, I think this was a perfect case of not knowing what you have until it's gone. I will be very surprised (and disappointed) if this flavour doesn't win.

8.8 out of 10

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