January 23rd: Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake / Yatsuhashi

We started the year looking at two of the latest flavours to be gracing the ever expanding Japanese world of Kit Kats with the Wasabi & Black Honey flavours (See HERE). Well since this time I've been trying out yet another two flavours which you will see reviews for below today. Please do remember, if any of these take your fancy, you can try them out for yourselves by heading over to J-List and paying my friend Peter a visit. Please be warned that some of the content on that site isn't suitable for younger viewers ;) (J-List HERE)

Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake (Yokohama Edition)Kcal 69 Fat 4.1g Carbs 7.6g (per 12.3g Mini Kit Kat)

I'm guessing there is a portion of you reading today wondering what the 'Yokohama' and 'Kyoto' Editions mean tagged on the end of the names. Well folks these are not only Kit Kats from Japan, but they are Kit Kats that can only be found in certain regions of Japan - that's got to make them even cooler right!? Well entertaining us from the Yokohama region, this Strawberry Cheese flavour was admittedly one I wasn't looking forward to trying that much. Fearing being confronted by an overly sugary artificial strawberry confection taste I was happily surprised by what I got here. The white chocolate lacked the cheese factor of the cheesecake billing, though it creamy milk focus that far less sugar focused than expected. Amongst the wafer, a light, thin layer of creme established a subtler hint of strawberry than I expected, but all things considered less was probably more given how badly strawberry confectionery can be done. The culmination of these with the wafer made for a taste I would more accurately describe as Strawberries and Cream, whatever these were nice enough and I have made my way through a fair load of the twelve pack I was sent.

7.6 out of 10

Kit Kat Yatsuhashi (Kyoto Edition)
Kcal 69 Fat 4.0g Carbs 7.7g (per 12.3g Mini Kit Kat)

Hailing from the Kyoto region, this Yatsuhashi Kit Kats had me straight away consulting my favourite online resource (Wikipedia :D ). According to Wiki Yatsuhashi is 'a Japanese confectionery sold mainly as a souvenir sweet (miyagegashi). It is one of the best known meibutsu (famous regional products) of Kyoto. It is made from glutinous rice flour (上新粉 jōshinko?), sugar and cinnamon' .... ahh this all makes sense now! These had all the promise of being rather good and I'm glad to report they were. Like our Strawberry Cheesecake friend above, this flavour was also a white chocolate Kit Kat at heart, though they were lightly brown coloured with 'cinnamon specs' - an interesting look it has to be said. Taste wise these reminded me of sweet chai tea with a glorious undercurrent of cinnamon flavours nicely complimenting a base taste of sweet milk. A whole Kit Kat Chunky size version of these would probably be a struggle to eat given the sweetness, though in this mini format these were a real winner. Well worth checking out if you like the cinnamon flavoured confections.

8.3 out of 10