January 2nd: Kit Kat Wasabi / Black Honey (Japan)

Happy 2012 everybody!!! This blog may be on it's knees for a while with the new reduced posting schedule (See note below!!!), but don't worry I have a cracker of a review lined up for you today.

Just before Christmas time, my pals over @J-List sent me some of the latest Japenese Kit Kat flavours that are doing the rounds right now in the Far East. Below are my thoughts on two of that Peter sent over, we have a nice bit of variety with the dangerous sounding Wasabi flavour, to the milder sounding Black Honey option. FYI both of these came in beautifully presented boxs that contained twelve of these Miniature Kit Kats in each. Personally I find the Miniature size just about right to have as little treat with afternoon/after dinner cup of coffee.

You can buy these HERE!!!

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You know what Wasabi is right!? (If not See HERE). In a nutshell, Wasabi is an extremelly strong Japanese condiment that is made using Japanese horseradishes, and is comonlly used as a way of flavouring savoury dishes such as sushi etc. The Japanese being the Japanese with all their wonderful creativity *ahem*, have recently seen fit to place the stuff in one of the world's leading confectionary snacks our beloved Kit Kat - why you ask!??? Well I'm sure the Japanese would flip that very question back on you ... why not!? I approached these with a high level of caution expecting a 'blow the back the back of my pants off' (haha!!) type experience. Frankly I needn't have done so, these were not as expected at all. Indeed upon tasting them I gathered underlying grassy, herby mustard undertones admist the creamy, sweet white chocolate, though the 'heat' and spice elements were a real let down. I wanted (and fully prepared for!!) a big time heat surge but what I got was a mild, minor warmth at best. To be honest I felt underwhelmed by these given the proposition that could have been.

6.8 out of 10



Kcal Fat Fat(sats) Carbs

Times and posting structures change but my philosophys will stay the same - best until last!? You bet!! This was one of the flavours that when I opened my box from J-List I had no clue to what it actually was. A brief bit of research on the internet led me to understand that this was a Japanese Black Honey flavor (Kuromitsu literally means “black honey”), something confirmed by the on-pack image. With it's white chocolate pairing I was somewhat expecting this to be too sweet for my taste, however I have to say this was one of the best Kit Kats I've tasted in a long time from Japan. Much as the name portrayed the taste was largelly akin to Mayple Syrup, and had a lovely slight burnt sugar taste to it. This paired with the creamy white chocolate made for a honey and sweet yogurt type experience that I found delightful in this mini format. This flavour wouldn't work in say the 'Chunky' or 'Four-Finger' format, though consumed as a sweet side-bite it was nigh on perfect. I would buy these again.

8.3 out of 10