January 9th: Kellogg's Pop Tarts Frosted Chocolate Chip

Kcal 210 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 36.0g

It may be a whole new year but the same generous site sponsors continue to support the ChocolateMission. Throughout 2011, American Soda were my chief supplier of American goodies, and they took it upon themselves to make it their business that I try every Pop Tart flavour currently Stateside (See older Pop Tart reviews HERE). Continuing my mini ChocolateMission side project on today, I tried out the Kellogg's Pop Tarts Frosted Chocolate Chip flavour. Although the box proclaimed that these were a 'good source of 8 vitamins & minerals', I somewhat doubted these were as good for me as my usual bran based cereal :D

American Soda sent these to me in an 8 count box that split the contents into 4 foil wrapped packages with two in each. Aesthetically the Pop Tarts looked nice, and I was pleased to see that the 'Frosting' was sparingly placed on top and not fully coated. Having had it's session in the toaster, my kitchen was filled with nice smelling, sweet chocolatey aromas. One thing of note was the caution that had to be taken removing the toaster pastry from the toaster itself. The piping hot inner chocolate filling was oozing out the small puddle holes on the top of the pastry - I guess this was to establish the chocolate chip effect'. FYI, I'm describing these from a 'toasted' perspective, as this was by far my favoured method of consumption rather than from room temperature or frozen. Speaking firstly of the outer pastry, I found it to be a far nicer than a lot of the chocolate flavoured pastry Pop Tarts I had tried previously. This plain pastry had more of a biscuity taste and wasn't as sugary or sweet tasting as say the stuff used on the UK's Chocotastic (See HERE) or the US's Ice Cream Fudge (See HERE). The filling was also pretty tasty in comparison to other more disappointing chocolate focused Pop Tart flavours. It wasn't chocolate of any great quality, though on reflection it did generate a chocolatey flavour hit, and it was noticeably more fluid and not sticky and dry like others I've had. As far these providing a nutritious and filling breakfast I can't say these ticked those boxes. My chocolate hunger pans were at least satisfied to a reasonable degree though.

Overall these probably rank among the better Pop Tart flavours I've tried but I wouldn't be able to say with any confidence that they are worthy of replacing your everyday breakfast. What I did like about these was that they weren't overcomplicated like some of the other attempted flavours that Pop Tarts have tried doing. As far as delivering on their promise to provide a credible chocolate flavour hit these are a success. As I said above, this isn't chocolate in any grandeur from, but if you are after a chocolatey breakfast option you wont be left disappointed. I'm sure there are better Pop Tart flavours out there, but if you are the kind who wants to keep things simple and veer away from the 'Triple, double, cherry topped, cream flavoured Chocolate Trifle' flavour :D then these are worthy of looking at.

7.5 out of 10