February 10th: Hotel Chocolat Head Over Heels

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat
Three Hotel Chocolat reviews in a week! You guys do get spoilt nowadays :D You are getting an extra treat today as ChocolateMission's resident 'Old Man' has been on another one of his photo frenzies. Indeed I'm going to let the photos do the 'talking', and keep my spiel to a bare minimum - I think the chocolates themselves speak volumes to how good they were.

It's been a fair while since a selection box has got a look in here on JCM but today it's Hotel Chocolat's 'Head Over Heels' collection that get's his moment in the spotlight. If you look on the Hotel Chocolat site you will see that this box comes with this epically cringe worthy product description:

'Loosen the ribbon and let the true romance begin because there’s something for everyone to fall in love with inside – from silky soft truffles with champagne, mouth warming amaretto and fruity raspberry, to melt-away praline and mellow milk chocolate mousse.' .... those desiring more of a factual based billing should be aware that this was a 210.0g box containing 19 chocolates (8 different varieties).

Praline Truffle - Previously reviewed HERE - Superb.

Raspberry Rapture - This was a sensational truffle that combined a milk chocolate outer shell and a raspeberry flavoured white chocolate filling. The thing I love about Hotel Chocolat's fruit truffles is that always taste so 'real' and non-artificial. Once again here the raspberry element was perfectly embedded in the creamy truffle center. Very Good.

Black Cherry Truffle - Once again we had a perfectly balanced truffle here, with an outer dark chocolate portion hiding a soft fruit flavored white chocolate center. As with the other fruits, the cherry was spot-on, though it has to be said I found the more subtle, less sharp, strawberry and raspberry truffles a little more to my liking. Good.

Strawberry & Black Pepper - This was a new and intriguing chocolate that I was looking forward to trying. The outer dark chocolate shell broke with a crisp snap and nicely substantiated a rich, unsweetened cocoa base taste. The revelation of the sweet jam textured center brought lovely real tasting strawberry tones. Disappointingly I sensed no presence of black pepper, but ttill, worthy of a Very Good.

Bakewell Tart - Previously reviewed HERE - Very Good.

Champagne Truffle - Previously reviewed HERE - Superb.

Simple Milk Truffle - I needn't say much about this one. A crisp, whipped shell hid a lovely truffle filling that had an incredibly soft mouth feel. Basic yes, but still Very Good.

Amaretto Armour - As usual I save the best until last. This amaretto dashed truffle was absolutely Superb in every sense. From the gorgeous milk chocolate shell, to the brandy noted centre and biscuit topped crunch on top - it was a pleasure in taste and texture. This chocolate just oozed creamy almond deliciousness :D Superb.

Overall this was a collection of chocolates that contained some superb fruit flavored truffles and if you, or anyone you know, are a fan of them I would strongly recommend it. One thing I should also mention is that I've become so accustom to Hotel Chocolat doing a good job with their presentation that I've almost forgotten to mention the fantastic look of the box and chocolates. The standout pieces for me were the Amaeretto Armour and Praline Truffles - my mother as ever was a strong advocate of the Champagne Truffle. I never shy away from recommending Hotel Chocolat selection boxes and I wont be making a change here. This was another of great quality.

8.6 out of 10

Delivered Chocolate Gifts from Hotel Chocolat