February 13th: Cadbury Bitsa Wispa

Kcal 180 Fat 11.1g Fat(sats) 6.9g Carbs 17.2g (per 1/4 bag)

Last week I was contacted by one of Cadbury's PR agenices who informed me that they had been running a competition on Facebook to find the ultimate Cadbury Wispa fan. This competition, unbeknown to me, had been ran to celebrate the launch of a new mystery Wispa creation that they provided to the winner. Though this competition winner had the reward of being able to say they were the first person in the UK to lay hands on it, seemignly the Blogosphere community weren't far behind as I got my own samples late last week.

So what do Cadbury have in store for us all then!? Why it's the inevitable launch of these 'Bitsa Wispa'. The Bitsa Wispa come described as 'textured milk chocolates'. To add some meat on the bones there I can tell you that these mini-sized Bitsa Wispa 'allow you to eat delicious Wispa chocolate in a new way; bite size bits, stacked up in a re-sealable bag'. Each Bitsa Wispa is 9% of a standard bar, and each bag has a weight of 130g (roughly, 3 and a bit Wispas!). The information I have been given states that these will be nationally available as of April 2012. I recieved no indication of the price, though you would expect them to be price aligned to the likes of the Twirl Mini Bites, Cadbury Clusters etc.

I would love to make this review mega interesting and say they were totally different to what I expected but I frankly cant. Inline with expectations these Bitsa Wispa were as billed, and provided the complete Cadbury Wispa experience, but just in a miniature format. The chocolate was sweet and milky, and the mouth feel was light and bubbly thanks to the aerated centers. As one could have foretold these were ridiculously moreish and way to easy to consume in handfuls at a time. Shared amongst three of us the contents of the bag disappeared in minutes - to be honest it wasn't like I was expecting otherwise.

Overall had we all been presented with the promise of a new Wispa product I don't think I would have been alone in dreaming that the Wispa Mint or Wispaccino might be making a triumphant comeback. It's probably lucky this wasn't the case as I think it likely that the majority of us would have felt these Bitsa Wispa were resultingly a bit of a letdown. Whilst I still wish they had gone with the return of either of the aforementioned, I begrudgingly see the logic in them releasing these mini Wispa pouches given the success of their other pouch based Mini Bites. I don't think there's any question about these Bitsa Wispa being yet another winner for Cadbury - Wispa fans will love them and they are no spot on for all sorts of sharing situations cinema visits, office tuck etc. Uninspired but very tasty.

8.0 out of 10