February 22nd: Midweek Mini: MilkyWay (US)

MilkyWay - Kcal 270 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 41.0g
MilkyWay Simply Caramel - Kcal 250 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 37.0g

You get a two-for-one for your Midweek Mini today - you can thank American Soda for that! Indeed, my American Soda contact Ben last week approached me about doing a Mars Bar (UK) and MilkyWay Bar(US) comparison. This was something I had been meaning to do for a long time so without a second thought I took him up on this opportunity - you know me I love doing regional comparisons. Well to my delight, the chaps at American Soda also included the MilkyWay Simply Caramel. That bar is the US equivalent of the Mars Caramel - a bar which has previously done the rounds in Canada and other parts of Europe.

Starting with the standard MilkyWay bar - it came described as 'rich chocolate, creamy caramel and smooth nougat'. On the face of things it looked none to dissimilar to our UK Mars bar and it's 58.0g weighting made it an equally satifsying proposition. When it came to taste there were minor differences in the chocolate, most likely due to the regional milk discrepancies, however it was the nougat where the main point of difference lay. The UK bar nougat is more chocolatey, whilst I found the US MilkyWay to have more of a malt focused taste. Texturally the UK nougat is softer and more crumbly - the US more dexterous and chewy. Truth be told I wouldn't say these minuscule differences make one any superior to the other. Both bars are just fantastic and I would be just as happy with either.

Moving on to the MilkyWay Simply Caramel, I'm glad to say that this was a step up from the Mars Caramel bar I'd had previously. Described as 'milk chocolate surrounding rich caramel' this US bar was still a hefty 54.1g which already gave it the advantage of being larger than it's Canadian alternative. As one would expect the bar packed a high level of sweetness with it's milky sugary chocolate and sweet caramel centre - I still managed to consume the bar in it's entirety. I've never been an advocate of companies taking key components out of their original bars and calling them limited editions, though I can see how this particular one opens up the MilkyWay brand to non-nougat lovers. Speaking as an individual who adores the nougat aspect of the original, I was never going to find this Simply Caramel a better option, but with that said I still got a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from it. The caramel itself is by my reckoning very good for a mass produced offering. Sticky, buttery, moreish and importantly non-throat burn inducing - just lovely.

Overall our US pals get a JCM thumbs up for both of these. Their MilkyWay original is frankly very little different from the UK Mars bar, with only the noted subtle differences in the chocolate and nougat detectable when a great deal of attention is paid and differences searched for. Those keen on trying a version that is more caramel focused will simply love the MilkyWay Simply Caramel (see what I did there haha!) , and I can offer that as superior option to it's Canadian equivalent. If you fancy doing your own taste comparison just head to American Soda and do some of your own primary research.

MilkWay (US) - 9.3 out of 10
MilkyWay Simply Caramel (US) - 8.2 out of 10