February 24th: Bits n Bobs Pocky & Meiji Biscuit Sticks 2012

You might have guessed that my great friend Mr Peter Payne from J-List has yet again been ever so kind and sent me across another big box of treats all the way from Japan. Included in my sampling pack this time, Peter included a mixture of some of the newest Japanese snacks, as well as some older ones that I've previously raved about on the site. Today I'm going to show you the biscuit stick items I was lucky enough to recieve. I hope you enjoy the new style of photography the old man chose to go for - let me know what you think @Chocmission.

Glico Winter Pocky Coffee

From the selection I was sent these were the 'new' flavour that I hadn't previously tried before. I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm a coffee addict, though I'm sure my longer term readers will be well aware that I'm rather partial to coffee flavoured chocolate. As with all these snacks the presentation was first class, and rich coffee scents that emanated from the inner plastic packets were very, very tempting. It's just as well then that these lived up to this all when it came to the taste. The biscuit sticks were crunchy and buttery, and the dusted cocoa on the outer coating created a pleasant initial mouth feel when melting. The coffee flavouring wasn't perhaps as strong as I thought it could have been, but it was prominent enough to create an impression against the sweet milk chocolate and established a decent mocha like taste. I have no doubt that coffee flavoured chocolate fans will love these - I certainly did.

8.3 out of 10

Meiji Meltykiss Fran

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Meiji Fran Matcha Green Tea Creamy Mousse

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.... More J-List reviews coming very soon folks!!!