March 12th: Cadbury Thank You

Kcal 180 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 6.9g Carbs 16.6g

In case you had forgotten it's Mothers Day here in the UK on the 18th of March (next Sunday!!). Yes indeed it's that one day of the year when there is frankly no excuse but to spoil your Mum rotten. That could include breakfast in bed? a nice meal out a restaurant? a bunch of flowers? & oh yes of course, a lovely box of chocolates :D In previous years I've always chosen to test out some Hotel Chocolat chocolates for you all, but this year I thought I would change it up a bit and look at an offering from one of our more widely available brands - Cadbury.

So what are Cadbury suggesting we share with all our Mummies this year!? These 'Thank You by Cadbury' appear to be the answer. These 'Thank You' chocolates looked very similar in proposition to the 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' by Cadbury which I reviewed last year (See HERE). This 187.0g box of 30 chocolates came descried as 'milk chocolates with a smooth creme filling' and came packaged in a uniquely flower shaped box. Inside the chocolates were smaller than I thought they might be, and were around the size of a one pence piece.

What with their small size these were oddly suitable to eat in pairs rather than as single chocolates. As with the aforementioned 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' it was disappointing to find that these were made of the cheaper 14.0% cocoa and milk solids Cadbury recipe. This was instantly recogniseable with the greater sugar emphasis when it came to the taste of the outer Cadbury chocolate. Hidden away inside below the chocolate, I wish I could say the vanilla creme centres were more flavour enhancing than they were, but unfortunately they did little aside from add a very minimal vanilla note to what was taste reminiscent of very sweet, dried milk powder.

Overall I certainly wont be subjecting my dear old Mum to these rather ghastly chocolates and I recommend you also stay well clear.I forgot to mention at the start of the review that these have an RRP of £5.00 which to me suggested they should have been something a little more special than your average Cadbury chocolate. I think you can tell by the score that these actually significantly under par, and were by my estimation a very poor effort. The lack of the Dairy Milk chocolate recipe and crummy vanilla creme centres made for a very unexciting flavour journey - a disappointing return for something if done like the Cadbury Bliss could have some potential. My recommendation this year for Mothers Day!? Well it wont surprise to hear my advice is to stick with the tried and tested. Get yourself to Hotel Chocolat and give your Mum the chocolates she deserves.

5.2 out of 10