March 16th: *NEW* Ritter Sport Chocolate / Yoghurt Cubes 2012

Just when I thought they had forgotten about me, my pals at Ritter sent me the most gigantic box of Ritter Sport treats I've received yet. Included in the 10.0kg package they sent across (yes no typo 10.0kg!!), they included several boxes of these new 'Cube' selections. Both these new selections came in 176.0g cube boxes and both contained 22 chocolates within. As you can tell from the title the two flavour themes were 'Chocolate' and 'Yoghurt'.

For two reasons I'll let the photos do most of the talking today. Firstly the 'Old Man' has done such a cracking job with the photography I think you would all probably rather focus on them rather than my ramblings :D. Secondly, nearly all of the different flavours included in these two selection boxes have been reviewed previously as stand alone bars - I would suggest you take a look at the Ritter Sport review archive HERE to get a more in-depth view on each of them if you wish.
Ritter Sport Chocolate Cubes

This box contained four different varieties (Click for reviews!) - Nuss in Nugatcreme (Milk chocolate nuts in nougat-creme), Edelnugat (Milk chocolate nougat), Kakao Krokant (Plain chocolate chopped nuts and rice) and Karamell (Milk chocolate caramel).

The views expressed by my trusted tasting panel (aka my family) were that the selection of flavours was good as they were all varieties that Ritter are strong with. It was noted however that if you didn't like nuts your options would be really quite limited. I agreed with them on this and thought that the Kakao Krokant variety could have probably been subbed for a fruity option - the strawberry yoghurt from the other box would have been just perfect. Another thing of note was that caramel variety really divided opinion as it wasn't caramel like we know it here in the UK. The caramel on offer here had more of a creamy Caramac taste as opposed to the traditional British syrupy butterscotch caramel. Though my own preference would lie with the latter, I still liked the Caramel chocolate cube here and to be honest it was nice to have something a little different from the norm. Despite some of these minor grievances all-in-all it got a thumbs up.

8.2 out of 10

Ritter Sport Yoghurt Cubes

This selection contained three different varieties - Joghurt (Milk chocolate yoghurt), Erdbeer Joghurt (Milk chocolate strawberry yoghurt) and Waldbeer Yoghurt (Milk chocolate wildberry yoghurt).

Having seen how people react to these yoghurt chocolates down the years it's become quite apparent to me that most people either love or hate them. Unfortunately for him, the 'Old Man' falls in to the second category - thankfully the rest of us in my family are really quite partial to them :D . As far as the choice of flavours on offer, the three here were very strong chocolates and I don't think any one of us could be forced to pick a natural favourite. I guess the only concern really was that the strawberry and wildberry varieties were quite similar, and perhaps there could have been room to introduce a new yoghurt variety in to the fold to widen out the selection and give it a USP (unique selling point). Again casting the small issues to one side this was still a highly enjoyable box of chocolates.

7.8 out of 10

Overall both these new selection boxes were very well recieved and met with overwhelmingly positive reactions. For any Ritter Sport fans they sure make cute little gifts and as with any Ritter Sport product the quality of the actual chocolate is at the least better than average. Personal opinions are always going to be a factor as to what would be the optimum mixture of Ritter Sport flavours - for what it's worth we thought they had done a decent job selecting the flavours and had little complaints in that regard. Now I've written reviews about them both my next conundrum is to have a think about what I do with the other boxes I have left over :D ... I think you might want to keep an eye on the ChocolateMission Twitter page (HERE) for some upcoming JCM/Ritter competitions!