March 23rd: Nestle Yorkie Honeycomb

Kcal 274 Fat 14.5g Carbs 32.4g

I know at the start of the year I said I would be cutting back on the number of reviews, but the number of new products we keep seeing appear on our shelves I'm finding the temptation to write about them just a little too much :D The latest in the long list of 'New' products I found was this Nestle Yorkie Honeycomb bar, a product which was sat innocently minding it's own business on the shelf in my local newsagent. To my knowledge the Yorkie Honeycomb was a bar that was withdrawn from the UK market in 2008 - seemingly without even the provision of a press announcement, it's back!

The bar cost £0.45 which I thought was pretty reasonable given that these companies normally try charging a little more for 'Limited Editions'. Compared with it's blue wrapper orginal sibling, this Honeycomb variant was much smaller in size and weighed in at 51.0g (the normal one is 68.0g!!). When it comes to the wrapper I have to give a thumbs up to Nestle here - it was the bright gold colour that chaught my eye when I passing the shelf, and had it not been for that I likely would have been none the wiser knowing the bar existed.

Since I've already made mention to the fact that the bar was much smaller in size, I'm sure it will come as a surprise for you to hear that it was broken down in to a greater number of blocks. Indeed this Honeycomb variant was split into 6 blocks, as opposed to the traditional five enormous ones. Although this was done probably to cover up the smaller size, I actually preferred it as each block was a far more manageable mouth size. Popping the first chunk in my mouth my palette was greeted by familiar Nestle milk chocolate flavours - with light milky cocoa flavours treated with highly generic sweet milk powder undertones. Dispersed throughout the chocolate, the 'honeycomb' pieces gave both the bite and eventual chew a sugar crystal like crunch. To be frank they disappointingly tasted of pure sugar too, and it was because of these added brown sugar flavour bursts that had me struggling to eat the bar in it's entirety - I could feel the horrible throat scorch sensation building up by block three.

Overall this was not quite the Honeycomb experience I envisaged and I was left disappointed by this limited edition. From what I've described I'm sure you can all tell that it was the poor integration of the honeycomb pieces that has led me to give the bar as poorer score as it has received. When it comes to Yorkie bars I don't expect the worlds best chocolate, but I just felt that the additional honeycomb could have been a lot better. When you consider there are other mass produced offerings like the Cadbury Crunchie which offer a far superior honey taste, I see little reason why any one would choose this bar if it is that sort of proposition they are after. I think this is going to be one of those bars that people will buy once and then probably realise why it was axed in the first place. My recommendation is to buy only for the sake of nostalgia if you must.

6.2 out of 10