March 26th: Hotel Chocolat Pink Collection

Easter is fast approaching so it's about time I thought I get down to the business end of the sampling package I got from Hotel Chocolat this year. If you check out the HC range for 2012 (See HERE) you will see that rather than focus on making new propositions, they have chosen to create some great value bundles of existing products - a good decision if you ask me given the economic times. An example of one of these selections is this Hotel Chocolat Pink Collection- a bundle comprising of a mini bottle of sparkling rose, a box of champagne truffles and a Eton Mess mini-slab.

This grand selection of items came packaged in a lovely looking pink coloured box and was sealed with a black bow to add extra finesse. Though I've commented before that I think the cellophane wrappers used for the slabs are a little tacky, I think it worked better here as it allowed full visual of the pink coloured Eton slab which played into the whole pink colour scheme they had going on. Additionally the box containing the truffles looked classy as ever and the chocolate truffles inside both looked and smelled tremendously appetizing.

For my full in depth reviews of the Eton Mess Slab - See HERE and the Pink Champagne Truffles - See HERE. To be succinct and to the point I think both are near best in class for what they are. I've tried many a fruity white chocolate in my time, but the Eton Mess Slab is one that stands out in my memory which is always a good indication of something being rather special. The score of 9.0 for the truffles will also tell you I rate them tremendously highly, they are very much a 'go-to' gifting option when I can think of nothing else to buy for my mother or sister for holiday gifts.

Overall when I first heard of what this Pink Collection comprised of I knew we were going to be heading for a score in the upper end of the JCM rating system. Both the Eton Mess Slab and the Champagne truffles are fine examples of what Hotel Chocolat do best - quality chocolates made with high-end ingredients and with no gimmicks attatched. As aforementioned the Eton Mess Slab is one of the most delicious white chocolates you will find, and the Champagne Truffles in the words of my mother 'are to die for'. What about the bottle of Rose I hear you asking!? Well I'm not much of a drinker so I will leave that for the 'experts' to decide. One thing I can comment on very confidently however is the quality of this total package - it's outstanding!

9.2 out of 10