March 28th: Midweek Mini(s) Lindt Excellence Coconut Intense / Wasabi

You get a real treat today as I've lined up the first ever Midweek Mini double act with me bringing you my views on these two new Lindt Excellence bars. Lately on the site I've been moaning away about how all the 'NEW' products this year from our nearest and dearest (Cadbury, Mars, Nestle etc) have been disappointing, uninspired remakes of existing or previously seen products. Well this is something that cannot be laid at the door of Lindt today - I'm sure you have gathered that from the title :D

Kcal 508 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 22.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

Lindt Excellence Coconut Intense - This came described as 'fine dark chocolate with caramelised coconut flakes' and I had big expectations for it given my previous love for the white chocolate variation I had reviewed from Germany a few years ago. Splitting the bar in it's foil wrapper the coconut influence was evident from the outset and a wonderful plethora of sweet coconut smells set upon my senses straight away. With expectations dangerously sky high I will say they were met to a good standard by the taste. The bar might have benefited from being a stronger dark chocolate recipe (47.0%) however it still set a lovely Lindt like earthy richness with it's cocoa flavours, and the coconut played delightfully into this. The coconut was crunchy, yet not rough and the sweet, milky nut flavours grew in intensity as the melt progressed. This was a chocolate I enjoyed immensely - big time recommendation for all dark chocolate and coconut fans.

8.7 out of 10

Kcal 492 Fat 30.0g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

Lindt Excellence Wasabi - Now I'm sure this was the one you were all most interested in seeing today and I was equally as excited for trying it. I remember the time when Lindt were seen as the pioneers of the chilli and chocolate combination - they were certainly the biggest brand to try it at the time they released the Lindt Excellence Chilli (See HERE). The word 'wasabi' will no doubt have disengaged over half of you already - the hot as fire horseradish condiment is hardly universally popular :D Personally, though I'm no great lover of the stuff, I do dabble in it when I eat sushi so I was curious to see what it would do for me paired with chocolate. Like the bar above the dark chocolate here was Lindt's 47.0% recipe and it brought on the same earthy cocoa flavour experience that I described above. As the melt of the chocolate developed on my tongue, this initially mild bitter undercurrent grew in stature, bringing about a raised mouth temperature along with it. This warming sensation was pleasant, however the herby, grassy flavour developments were a not to my liking. The wasabi influence was not to my taste I'm afraid and it spoilt my enjoyment of the chocolate at hand. Ho-hum, these things happen and I can't offer a recommendation based on the taste. What I will say is that it's great to at least see a well known brand attempt something new. Ultimately this was a fail, but brownie points at least for giving it a go.

5.8 out of 10