March 2nd: J-List Picture Special + Competition

It's FRIDAY!!!!!! And you my ChocolateMission friends have 3 things to celebrate ....

1) It's the start of the weekend :D

2) Your getting an extra photo special (below) JCM post this week courtesy of our pals @Jlist

3) Within this post there is a competition to win some extras I have left over from my last J-List package :D

As I said above, the post today is a just a little picture special to tie you over the weekend. Be sure to check out if you fancy any of the items you see up on the site today - my pal Pete from J-List is a fascinating character to follow on Twitter. Let's just say he provides an interesting POV on Japanese pop culture - add him @Jlist
Kit Kat Sakura Matcha Latte
Above you see the Kit Kat Sakura Matcha Latte. This was a Kit Kat I gave a big thumbs up back in April 2010, at which point I gave it an 8.4 out of 10 (See HERE). Well almost 2 years on I fully stand by that score. The green tea and Kit Kat combination is one that many have stuck a nose up at before, but believe me it's one that that really does work. A lot of the Japanese Kit Kat flavours can be so-so but this isn't one of them. For the true Japanese Kit Kat flavour experience get yourself involved with some of these. They still get a big JCM recommendation.
Love Attack Chocolates
When ever a new package from J-List arrives I often get my mother to help me out researching what some of the items are (I don't read Japanese folks!!). This however, was not one of those occassions - no one in their right mind would get their mother to be searching for the words - 'Love Attack' ... if you have been on the site before I'm sure you will know what I'm talking about haha :D ... well folks lucky 'Love Attack' did in fact turn out to be candy coated chocolates - phew :D Indeed these Smarties like chocolates happen to be innocent 'chocolate medicine' and are supposedly 'parody' chocolates that take the mick out of a popular Japenese medication product. Ho hum they are part of my giveaway below so hopefully they can go to someone to cure their 'broken heart' :D
Meiji Pokemon ChocolateThe crazy folk at Meiji obviously have some sort of license with Pokemon in Japan as they seem to make several chocolate and candy products featuring the pesky gritters. This solid slab of sweet milk chocolate was frankly very generic and non-newsworthy .... but it brings good things for you my friends :D


Do you want to win some of the bits and pieces left over my latest J-List package? Well here's the challenge.


To enter just Tweet me the names on twitter @Chocmission ... first one to do so wins the lot!!! Please include the hastags #follow and #competition in your Tweets please!

Anyone can enter! So get to it folks!

Enjoy your weekends now!!