March 30th: Hotel Chocolat Recommendations Easter 2012

This week I've been giving you a run down of some of the 'new' Easter products out this year. Whilst it's always nice to see new ideas and products, I think it's only correct to look back at some of the high quality products that have returned in 2012. This weekend I would like to take the chance to remind you of some of my favourite Hotel Chocolat Easter products. It's not all a blast from the past - there are some new photos courtesy of the 'Old Man' for you guys to drool over.

You should also make note of the promotion Hotel Chocolat are running at the moment (See ABOVE!!). You can get yourself a FREE 'Taste of Spring' chocolate selection when you spend over £35.00 (an all too easy thing to do trust me!) Enjoy your weekends and the pictures/reviews below.


Pick from 2009 - Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Carramellow - Review HERE
This is one of the longest standing Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs. It must be popular considering it returns year after year. I can't say I'm surprised - caramel and rocky road fans need look elsewhere - Buy HERE.

Pick from 2010 - Hotel Chocolat Eggs & Soldiers - Review HERE
Rejoice in the new pictures shot by the 'Old Man'. These now 'Classic' Eggs & Soldiers provide the ultimate chocolatey breakfast :D '5 praline milk chocolate half eggs with a troop of white chocolate dipping soldiers' - Buy HERE.


Pick from 2011 - Hotel Chocolat 'A dozen Quail Eggs' - Review HERE
These were one of the best things I tried last year for Easter. Scoring a massive 8.9 out of 10 it comes as no surprise to me that they have returned for another year. The selection includes caramels, pralines and truffles galore. Highly recommended -Buy HERE.

.... more to come from the 2012 range next week :D