March 5th: Nestle Aero 2in1

Kcal 194 Fat 11.8g Fat(sats) 6.9g Carbs 18.7g

No sooner had I read the very unexciting news that Nestle are giving their Aero range a packaging makeover here in the UK (See HERE), I was sent a very nice e-mail from a JCM reader named Emily who made me a very generous offer. Indeed in an act of great kindness, Emily sent me one of these Nestle Aero 2in1 bars, a chocolate she had managed to find in her local Polish store. This '2in1' bar came described as 'bubble milk and white chocolate'. I seem to remember we had the same bar (blue wrapper I think!!) here in the UK in years gone past - I let you drop me line on Twitter to confirm that ;D @Chocmission

As was obvious by the shop it was bought in, the wrapper confirmed that this was indeed a 'Nestle Polska' produced bar. It came in what seemed a plentiful 35.0g size and split into the same rectangle shaped blocks that you would have come to have expected before the refresh here in the UK. The wrapper it has to be said looked pretty cool, and was attractive on the eye as well as being relevant with the dual colour theme. The chocolate itself also looked pretty with the white chocolate aerated centre appearing equally, if not more plentiful than the milk chocolate.

Despite being made in Poland the ingredients were listed in English and it was interesting to see the list was a lot 'cleaner' than the what we get here in our UK bars. The most glaring absentee was the Polish bar's lack of 'vegetable fat', which by all accounts is a good thing. Stating a 28% miniuim of cocoa I actually had risen expectations that this bar could well be superior. Unfortunately when it came to the taste this just wasn't a reality for me, and this is something I think I can only attribute to the different milks used. On a good note, the bubbly, aerated texture was retained by Polish chocolate and it melted at a nice rate and with a lovely tingly bubble sensation at it's centre. The milk flavours however were just not what I was used to, and I could really tell this was a bar that had been created using dried milk powder as opposed to fresh. To me the Polish chocolate had an odd smokeyness to it's milky underbelly. The outer milk chocolate was more what I was used to, but the white chocolate centre only further enhanced the milky flavours to which I simply wasn't all that keen on.

Overall this was an interesting bar to try but it really suffered at least in my eyes, from it's poor quality milk ingredients. I guess on one hand you could look at it from the perspective that at least the white chocolate wasn't horribly, horribly sweet like so many other mass produced white chocolate bars can be. On the other hand however, in my opinion it was still a poor quality milk alternative so I'm afraid I wont be rating it that much higher anyway. As far as a recommendation goes I wouldn't say this is a bar you need to get hold of unless you are a massive Aero fan. Thanks again to Emily for sending this for me to try.

6.6 out of 10