April 25th: Ritter Sport Spring Limited Editions 2012

The arrival of the Spring season is always something I look forward to for many a reason. First of all it means that for at least a year, the cold snap of weather is over and there are brighter, warmer days to come (bye bye Winter!!). Secondly, and most importantly :D the arrival of Spring always brings about three limited edition Ritter Sport flavours and 2012 is no different.

On offer this year we have the return of two of the Spring 2011 line up and also the addition of a 'New' flavour. I use the term 'New' quite loosely here as in actual fact the latest 2012 Kakaosplitter variant is a bar that was formerly available as part of the Ritter Sport Bio range (review HERE).

So who's survived the cut this year!? Well the Ritter Sport Bourbon Vanille has impressivelly been around as part of the Spring limited editions since 2009. It has never been one of my favourites, but I guess it must be pretty popular given it's out lasted all of the other variants that have been and gone over the years.

Ritter Sport Bourbon Vanille - See Review HERE

The other bar to survive from 2011 is the Ritter Sport Haselnuss Krokant. This bar made it's debut back in 2010 when it replaced the Ritter Sport Eirlikor (Advocaat). It is also currently available as one of the flavours included in Ritter's new 'Cubes' selection box that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Again like the Bourbon Vanille this Haselnuss Krokant has never been a favourite of mine due to it's under strength nut flavours compared to other Ritter offerings. I would suggest it as a nice option for those who like more subtle nutty chocolates, but being honest it's one of the Ritter bars you could let pass you by and you wouldn't miss on much.

Ritter Sport Haselnuss Krokant - See HERE

So it was the Ritter Sport Alpensahne Praline (See HERE) which got the boot from the 2011 range and as aforementioned it this Ritter Sport Kakosplitter has taken it's place. This bar comes described as 'milk chocolate with a chocolate creme filling, cocoa nibs and hazelnut-almond pieces' and you guessed it, comes in a 100.0g 4x4 square block. To get an all round perspective on this one I gave away several of these bars to friends and family and asked for their feedback. What was played back to me was probably around about 80.0% positive with most citing that they really enjoyed the pure cocoa flavours bursts that the added cocoa nibs brought to the party. This almost sounds silly to say but a lot of taste testers said they enjoyed it for it's pure chocolateyness - this was a bar that delivered a real chocolate flavour hit and I wouldn't disagree with them. All-in-all It was a lovely tasting chocolate and I obviously wasn't alone in thinking this as it was the flavour that was most requested off me when I offered people a second helping from the 10.0kg stash Ritter sent across.

8.1 out of 10

Overall I don't the Spring 2012 line up is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but there are some nice varieties in there and the new Kakaosplitter bar is a welcome addition. Personally I wouldn't have chosen to rid of the Ritter Sport Alpensahne Praline from last year, though I guess the argument is there that it was awfully similar to the Ritter Sport Praline bar in the first place. I'm not sure I could stretch as far as insisting my UK readers import these bars at any great expense, however if you can find yourself a way of acquiring them where this isn't an issue I wouldn't advise against it.