April 30th: Tango Demolition Chocolates

Yet again I'm endeavoring to bring you reviews of the latest chocolate products hitting the UK shelves . Yes indeed, the focus today falls upon these new Tango Chocolate products - the 'Demolition Bar' and the 'Demolition Balls'.

At this point it's probably worth me making introducing the Tango brand to my non-UK readers - Thanks Wikipedia ;-)

"Tango is a carbonated soft drink sold primarily in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Originally, Tango was the name of the orange flavour in a range of different flavoured drinks that each had their own name. In the 1990s, long after the other products in the range had passed into obscurity, the Tango brand was expanded into other flavours, including apple, lemon, cherry, blackcurrant, and later 'Fruit Fling'." N.B The Orange variant is the flavour most commonlly associated with the brand and will no doubt constitute a great proportion of their sales.

I found both of these products in my local Superdrug highstreet store, where they were on sale for £0.50 each. Presentation wise, I liked the way the brand kept it's branding and packaging style consistent with it's drinks range. Black wrappers can often be recessive on a crowded shelf, however these both really stood out with the glittery silver and orange colours proving particularly eye-catching. Disappointingly no nutritional information supplied on either product. Here are my thoughts on them:

Tango Demolition Bar - 'Bubbly milk chocolate orange bar with a tangy fizz' - This 35.0g came split in to five separate blocks and looked the more impressive of the two products with the Tango branding and inner orange center providing reassurance that this just wasn't a gimmicky product produced on the cheap. The chocolate, containing 25% cocoa across both products, had a rather generic, sweet milky emphasis and certainly wouldn't have tasted out of place on any given Nestle product. It wasn't the highest quality no, but it was fine as a 'carrier' chocolate and it allowed full expression of the orange center whilst delivering a fair standard chocolate flavour hit. The orange center, delivered a fine and realistic enough fruity influence, however as you probably will have guessed I cared little for the fizzy mouth feel and texture it created. The sweetness of the chocolate and center combined meant that the portion size was just about right for my liking - any more and it would probably have been a little too much for me.

6.2 out of 10

Tango Demolition Balls - 'Milk chocolate orange balls with a tangy fizz' - I wont yabba on too much here as these were largely the same as the bar above. The only difference I really noticed between the two (aside from the obvious format difference! Duh!!!) was that the melt of the chocolate coating these Demolition balls was poorer and had a waxy feel thanks to a glazing agent property being present. That minor thing aside these pretty much just served up an identical taste experience. - the 35.0g packet meant they were equally as satisfying as a snack.

5.8 out of 10

Overall I would neither label either of these products as a complete success or a complete disaster. There are certainly better mass produced orange milk chocolate products out there (Terry's immediately springs to mind!) but I guess if you are one of those people that enjoys popping candy, sherbet etc then these do additionally bring that dimension to the party. To be honest I was half expecting these to be more gimmicky and lower quality so I would like to praise them in that respect. These are worth a try if you like your orange milk chocolates though I'm not going to promise you that they will turn your world upside down.