May 14th: Ritter Sport Summer Editions 2012

The arrival of summer means a number of things to me: holidays, sun (touch wood!!), Olympics, beer gardens ... oh yes, of course, the Ritter Sport Summer Limited Edition bars (2009 - See HERE,  2010 - See HERE and 2011 - See HERE) My friends from Berlin have been at it again and as if it wasn't enough for our German friends likely celebrating a Euro 2012 victory this summer (they are my tip anyway!!) they have also got three Ritter bars to enjoy.

As you will see below two out of the three released for summer this year are the same from 2011 with the Ritter Sport Amarena Kirsch and Ritter Sport Waldbeer Jogurt making reappearances. Despite these bars remaining consistent from the previous year, I of course had to check to see if they were still the same quality, to which I can confirm they were :-) You will be pleased to see below that the 'Old Man' also went to the trouble of photographing the bars again just for your viewing pleasure - please find the links to the old reviews if you need reminding of their scores and JCM previous rulings:

Ritter Sport Waldbeer Yogurt

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Ritter Sport Amarena Kirsch

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So that's two out of the three ... but what about the third one!?? Well folks we have ourselves a new flavour within the Ritter Sport Summer 2012 range! Yes to my great delight this Ritter Sport Weisse Cocos (White Coconut) is making it's debut this year ...

Ritter Sport Weisse Cocos

I've long been awaiting a coconut flavoured chocolate from Ritter ever since they got rid of the Ritter Sport Cocos, a bar which I never got to review before it got culled. Aiming to fulfill all my coconut desires this summer, this Weisse Cocos came billed as 'white chocolate with toasted coconut and rice flakes'. To me this sounded great and I was further encouraged by the attractive looking wrapper which I felt had a bright and vibrant look with it's cool blue and white colour scheme.

As you will likely have guessed these three bars have been created in the usual Ritter Sport format - 100.0g, 4x4 blocked squares. Aesthetically and aroma wise the chocolate showed a great deal of promise. The coconut looked well dispersed throughout, whilst the sweet smelling scents further raised my anticipation - suffice to say I didn't hang around trying this one out!

I'll waste little time in confirming that this chocolate was as delicious as I hoped it would be. The white chocolate was epically smooth in it's delivery of it's sweet cream, vanilla noted flavours and the coconut proved to be highly complimentary. The coconut when chewed delivered all the expected milky nut flavours I wanted it to and the vast volume meant every single block left a strong impression of coconut in the mouth. I can't say the rice flakes were frankly all that detectable in the taste, but along with the coconut they added an interesting crunchy, crisp element texturally. For a white chocolate it was very satisfying and I would rate it among the better of the Ritter Sport chocolates I have reviewed - do remember that must be nearing 50 now!!

Need I bother offering a recommendation!? If you love white chocolate and coconut be sure to try this one sooner rather than later. My only frustration with it is that it's a limited edition! I better stock up now.

8.6 out of 10