May 16th: Midweek Mini: Cadbury Mini Rolls Strawberry & Blueberry

Kcal 125 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 2.8g Carbs 17.0g (per mini roll)

It's probably not a good sign when I say that I'm already sick to death of seeing everything and anything getting repackaged into British themed wrappers. If you think I'm over exaggerating take a look at the the supermarket shelves next time you go shopping - it's a sea of red, white and blue and in my opinion it's all very counter productive. Think about it ... the packaging of all these items has been changed to disrupt the norm, catch the eyes of the shopper and ultimately STAND OUT! Well if anything I would say this new critical mass of red, white and blue is creating supermarket wallpaper, with everything blending in to one ghastly, gaudy blob of British patriotism :-D ... is this not the exact opposite of what all these manufactures were intending!?

.... Okkkkk rant over! Sorry! It's time to get down to business and today I got to try out these new 'Special Edition' Strawberry and Blueberry flavoured Cadbury Mini Rolls. I bought these in my local Tesco where quelle surprise they were running off an introductory £1.00 offer. 'Golden sponge with strawberry jam and a blueberry flavoured filling, covered in milk chocolate'. Expectations weren't sky high given that the original Cadbury Mini Rolls Strawberry (See HERE) are my least favourite of the entire Mini Rolls range, however the interesting addition of the blueberry was enough to see my part with the meager investment necessary.

Upon opening the plastic film wrapper (enough said about that already I feel haha!) the smells that emanated were highly reminiscent of the strawberry Mini Rolls which had me a little worried that the blueberry was going to be a non-factor. Thankfully my first mouthful revealed otherwise and to my pleasure it a far greater experience than I previously expected. Indeed the milk chocolate, sponge and cream layers were consistent from previous incarnations and produced a familiar sweet milk chocolate cakey taste that was nice for it's density and flavour strength. Running through the middle of the roll the filling for me had a nicer influence on the cake and the usual sweet as sugar strawberry jam had an element of sharper plum like fruitiness to it. Overall I thought these Mini Rolls were just a whole lot more bearable than the Strawberry solus ones which I normally find are way too much on the sweet side of the tracks for my taste. I'm not sure I would buy them again but I wouldn't like to put any of you off trying them as they are certainly worth a look at.

7.3 out of 10