May 18th: Oreo Triple Double

Kcal 100 Fat 4.5g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 15.0g (per cookie)

If you're a frequent Chocolate Mission visitor you will be well aware that Oreos are one of favoured brands of cookies. Unfortunately you will also likely be aware that Oreos are rather limited when it comes to the size of the range and availability here in the UK. It's frustratingly an all to common experience that I log on to one of my fellow US bloggers site (The Impulsive Buy for instance!) and see the likes of Marvo fawning over the latest Nabisco creation. Admittedly recently those instances have been becoming fewer and further between thanks to my pals at AmericanSoda, who for the couple of months have been doing a splendid job satisfying my American snack cravings. To my great excitement one of the last products they sent across were these Oreo Triple Double - that's double stuffed, triple sandwiched Oreos.

AmericanSoda sent these to me in a 371.0g pack that I would guess contained around 18 or so cookies. At 100 calories for just a single cookie, I can't imagine these will be making the diet of any weight watchers personnel any time soon but frankly I would of thought that was self explanatory from the product proposition anyway. Packaging and presentation wise the product was impressive. The packet had a handy resealable tab to ensure the cookies were kept in a decent fresh shape from the time they were first opened. Additionally the cookies themselves looked rather impressive, with the white vanilla and dark cremes providing a nice contrast of colours.

 Assuming this review makes it to publication not long after March you will be aware that I tried these not too far departed from my experience with the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreos (See HERE). As you can tell from my scoring of those ones (9.0 out of 10) I thought those were a super special edition of Oreo cookies so living up to them was always going to be somewhat difficult. Indeed, at the end of the day these double stuff, triple cookie layered beasts weren't quite as tasty or variable in terms of flavour depth, but this by no means meant they were bad cookies. These were really not that different from original Oreos apart from the fact they were much larger and satisfying. The same cocoa noted sugary biscuit flavoures and vanilla icing elements were the key focal points of the flavour journey. There is really very little additional analysis to add apart from that when separated the chocolatey creme layer had an ever so slightly creamier taste compared to the sweeter vanilla creme.

Overall these were fundamentally great tasting Oreo cookies - I wasn't expecting anything else. The 'Triple Double' concept is probably more of a gimmick than it is meant to be a groundbreaking creation. I wouldn't of thought I will have been the first person to ever 'unscrew' the original size Oreos and stack them on top of each other, thus creating a DIY Triple Double. I guess the minor advantage you have with these is that you get the original Oreo and chocolate creme Oreo experience all in one thanks to the cremes being mixed. Whether or not this is worth paying a little extra for as opposed to doing it yourself is up to you. I would suggest not for my European readers as they are probably best served saving their pennies/cents :D for the more differentiated flavour varieties such as the Double Mint. Thumbs up again for Nabisco here, but perhaps not a variety of Oreo I would regard as an essential must try.

8.4 out of 10