May 25th: Berry Temptation Jubilee Edition

Back in April Berry Temptation made their first ever appearance on Chocolate Mission when I reviewed their delightful Classic Temptation Collection - See HERE. Since that time I've heard from many a satisfied reader who took on my recommendation and bought some of their chocolate dipped strawberries for all sorts of different occasions (one reader even told me they bought them for a colleague's leaving do when they were fully aware they were allergic to red berrys - haha any excuse huh!?). Well having tried their more general, classic offering, Berry Temptation recently got back in contact offering me the chance to try these newly created Jubilee Edition strawberries - do you think there was ever a possibility I was going to say no :-)

The box I received from Berry Temptation included 16 pristine looking strawberries and came with the descriptor of - '16 Hand dipped chocolate strawberries with a patriotic makeover of the Union Jack flag to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, and Olympic season'. Now I'm sure we've all started picking up on the sheer amount of British flag coloured products and wrappers in around our shops at the moment, but these were something special. These strawberries stood out as looking tremendously impressive and they really did look like someone had gone to extreme effort to hand decorate them as nicely as possible. On all 16 chocolates the care that had been taken was obvious to see and I hope my photos do the quality justice - my family and I were very impressed anyway.

This was one of one of those situations where eating the first one from the box almost 'felt wrong', as the collection looked so pretty with all the cute strawberries lined up with their pretty flags on show. Guilt was not a feeling that lasted long though :-) within seconds of tucking into the box we were all preoccupied with how delightful they tasted and we were soon swapping opinions and arguing over whether it was the freshness of the strawberries or the tastyness of the chocolate that made them so appealing. As always I'll sit on the fence and say it was the combination of the two that made these so terrific haha! Indeed, if you ask me the juicy, sweet, zingy flavours of the fruit were every bit as nice as the smooth melting, creamy, sweet tasting milk chocolate. Between four of us the box lasted just the one day - our excuse being they were fresh produce so we had to eat them when in their peak to write a fair review of course it was ;-)

Overall I have to send another big thumbs up in the direction of Berry Temptation for these. As I stated earlier in the review, there aren't going to be a shortage of these British themed products doing the rounds at the moment, however these stood out as being something just a little special. The effort that had gone into the design work on the strawberries was very obvious and these came across as having had a lot more thought put into them rather than just a lazy British colour scheme implemented on a wrapper. Come Jubilee party time I think these would be a fantastic product to have as a center piece sweet nibble platter - I'm sure they would raise a fair few eyebrows with impressed guests. Fingers crossed we are in for a fantastic summer full of British celebrations and summer sun. Why not make your festivities all that bit more special with a box of these!?

8.4 out of 10