May 28th: Hotel Chocolat Jubilee Selection

Since 1952 - no that's not how long Hotel Chocolat have been making excellent chocolates, but rather it's the year of coronation for the nations' favorite nanny! Yes indeed it's Jubilee time this weekend folks, you wouldn't have guessed it huh ;-) I maybe sounding a little cynical there and I don't mean to be! What isn't to love about this weekend!? We have four days to have time off work, fine food and drink, national cheer and dare I tempt fate by saying some nice weather :-D It's going to be great, but we all know though that no celebration is complete without a box of chocolates! Cometh the coronation celebration, cometh the Hotel Chocolat Jubilee Selection!!! Guess who got to give it a try.

The Hotel Chocolat Jubilee Selection is a 195.0g collection featuring 20 individual chocolates. Just as I expected the presentation of this Limited Edition was first class and the uniquely styled round shaped, ribbon decorated box caught the eye with it's attractive curves and well presented chocolates placed inside. As you can see above and below the 'Old Man' dusted his camera down for this one and went snap happy with some excellent looking photos. Here are our thoughts on the eight chocolate varieties inside:

Raspberry Liqueur Truffle - This showcased HC's fine talents with fruit flavoured chocolates brilliantly combining a dark chocolate outer shell with a creamy, red berry infused, boozie white chocolate centre. The alcohol hit was superbly balanced in this one and even brought a small warmth to the party. Very Good.

Salted Soft Caramel - Just sensational, I needn't say more - See previous review HERE

Raspberry & Hibiscus - This was another new one we hadn't tried before and it came with an 'Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner 2012' certification. This chocolate was essentially the same as the   raspberry liqueur truffle above, but rather had an even fruitier emphasis and a sweeter floral note to it rather than a boozie focus. Again I loved it - as did my mother. Very Good.

Simple Milk Truffle - Simple ... Yes! Delicious .... Yes! See previous review HERE

Cherry Bombe - Cherry flavoured chocolates can often be awfully fake tasting but HC proved that their skills with raspberrys and strawberrys also carry over to this other sweet red fruit. Indeed this milk chocolate contained a very tasty, creamy cherry flavoured white flavoured ganache filling. It was soft in texture, but bold and 'real' tasting flavour wise. Very Good.

Classic Whisky Truffle - The 'Old Man's favourites! I didn't get a sniff of these but he said they were the usual high standard. See previous review HERE

Dizzy Praline - It wouldn't be a Hotel Chocolat selection box without a praline chocolate in there. Suffice to say usual high standards were consistent - See previous review HERE.

Eton Mess - The star attraction - fit for the Queen herself! It's the fourth year I've been reviewing this chocolate and it still remains in my opinion one of their finest. White chocolate, strawberry buttercream, meringue and real strawberry pieces. Still as epic as ever! See previous review HERE.

Overall this collection was everything it should have been and that's a celebration of the things that Hotel Chocolat do best. Fruit chocolates ... check, caramels .... check, liqueurs .... check, Eton Mess .... check :-D you get the picture! If you were going to put a selection of the best truffles that Hotel Chocolat do, and put them in all one box you find it hard to craft a better mix than the one on offer here. At £25.00 you are paying over £1.00 per chocolate and normally that would be hard to justify. Frankly though, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee only comes around once in our lifetime and if we are going to celebrate we might aswell all do it properly. If your buying a box of chocolates for the occasion (of course you will be!!) then you needn't look past this option here. Diamond quality for a Diamond weekend!

9.2 out of 10