May 5th: Meiji Meltykiss Caramel

You will see today I've done my usual trick of 'saving the best until last'. Indeed today sees me review the last two products from my latest J-List sampling package - these two caramel flavoured Meiji Meltykiss products. As you will see below from my wonderful pearls of literacy wisdom (ahem) and my 'Old Man's' swell looking photos, both of these carried the Meltykiss branding, yet were actually two entirely different products altogether. I needn't probably remind any of you that if you see anything that tickles your fancy today you can buy either of them from J-List.

Meiji Meltykiss Dew Kcal 199 Fat 13.3g Carbs 17.7g (per pack)

These new Meltykiss Dew chocolates are an entirely new proposition from Meiji for 2012. On the J-List site they come described as 'bite-sized chocolate treats with a centers of mouth watering, creamy caramel sauce'. Now these may sound like nothing you haven't seen before, but credit to Meiji for presenting them in a very cool looking manner. As you can see from the photos above (credit 'Old Man'), the chocolates looked fantastic and the pyramid shapes struck me as unique and interesting. Joyfully, it just so happened to turn out that these not only looked the part, but also tasted damn good as well. Japanese chocolates do tend to lean towards the more sugary side of the road, but this wasn't the case here. I would be cautious to describe the chocolate as 'dark', though it was definitely semi-sweet and had a light, crisp cocoa taste with only an underlying of sweetness. This chocolate type was absolutely perfect for the syrupy caramel that was held inside. The caramel was soft and flowing in texture and created a delightful cooling sensation on the tongue. The melt felt even more luxurious when these were eaten alongside a hot drink and mouth temperature was a little warmer than usual. These new Meltykiss Dew get a big JCM thumbs up. I hope we see more variants in this Dew range soon.

8.2 out of 10

Meiji Meltykiss Whip More CaramelKcal 305 Fat 21.8g Carbs 24.0g (per pack)

Last but not least we have a new flavour variant from the more familiar looking side of the Meltykiss count-line. The Japanese writing left me relying on J-List again for the description of these - 'caramel layered between rich milk chocolate, whipped into a fluffy cream, then covered in fine cocoa powder'. That sounded absolutely delicious to me and I had sky high expectations from my Meltykiss experiences. I always say that footballers who wear gold coloured boots should be 'gold standard players' - the same goes for chocolates :D If your going to wrap them in gold wrappers - make sure they are 'gold standard chocolates'. As you can see from the scoring chart, these at least in taste and texture did meet that gold standard - they were an absolute treat. Indeed adding to the expected melt in the mouth like butter sensation, a very small amount of sticky caramel gave each of the chocolates an added dose of syrupy sugaryness. This small bit of caramel did give the creamy tasting chocolate an additional flavour depth, though unfortunately this did not bring about a longer sustained taste. To summarise I can only describe these Meltykiss as dangerous, dangerous chocolates. They taste amazing but the quickness at which they melt is as frustrating as it is sensational as it just means each chocolate disappears before you know it. Luckily there's a way to get around that - buy two packs :D

8.8 out of 10