May 7th: Glico Mikado Daim

Kcal 11 Fat 0.4g Carbs 1.6g (per 2.3g stick)

Well I never!!! Never did I envisage there would be a day where I would be writing the following ... 'allow me to introduce a flavour of Pocky/Mikado that the Japanese DON'T currently have'!! Yes folks, in what is a complete turn-up for the books the UK has defied the odds and has managed to find a flavour of these moreish crunchy biscuit sticks that they aren't currently offering in the Far East (to my knowledge anyway haha). These new Daim flavoured Mikado caught me totally unawares sitting on the snacks shelf in Tesco - a nice surprise I have to say.

Although I'm someone who obviously checks the snacks shelves quite often in the supermarkets I visit, I have to congratulate the folks at Kraft foods/LU Frances for creating a pack with great stand out. The pack for me does a great job of communicating the Daim influence on the product and does so without drawing away too much focus from the original Mikado branding - good work chaps! The biscuit sticks themselves could have perhaps done being in two smaller packets rather than just the one larger one, though lets be honest with ourselves these didn't last five minutes once opened anyway :D

This 70.0g pack cost me just £1.00 thanks to an introductory deal and I took advantage of the situation filling my basket assuming I would like them. This assumption was made on two rather simple factors: Daim "gooooooood" - Mikado "gooooooood" ... surely a combination that couldn't go wrong? Surely indeed :D These were fantastic - there's no other way of putting it. The caramel flavoured milk chocolate coating was nothing short of delicious and the and the caramel flavours were more of the buttery, toffee sort rather than an over powering sugary sweetness. This caramel sweetness perfectly matched the shortbread biscuit and the slight saltiness of the sticks proved a perfect contrast. As ever I did get very little fulfillment from these as a snacking option, I don't think there is an office person alive who could make a pack last all day on their desk - they are just the ultimate grazing snack.

Overall I was expecting good things from these and boy they didn't let me down. The Mikado and Daim link up here has been executed nigh on perfectly. I think the only possible improvement they might have been able to make is if they were to have made the sticks perhaps double the size - Mikado XL if you will :D That grievance aside I honestly don't think they could have done better with these, I just loved everything about them. Just like Kraft did with the Milka and Daim bar, the Daim influence was incorporated sensationally and to great effect taking the depth of flavour of the original milk chocolate Mikado onto a whole new level. I needn't bother telling you if these carry a JCM recommendation :D I think you can probably all have a good guess at that.

8.6 out of 10