May 9th: Nestle Rolo Bar

Kcal 509 Fat 26.6g Fat(sats) 15.3g Carbs 62.6g (per 100.0g)

As soon as I saw the announcement of the product featured today I knew it was destined for a 'Midweek Mini' slot. Writing a full-on review for what is simply a reformatted product was something even I couldn't do, not even with my tendency to go in to way too much detail and take this all a little seriously. In my attempt to be much cooler and Lassiez-Faire I will keep this short, sweet and to the point :-)

This new 100.0g Rolo bar came described as a 'chocolate block with a caramel centre' and was on an introductory £1.00 sale in my local Tesco last week. The bar was split out in a 6x2 blocked fashion and I ate it across two different sittings. It's probably worth mentioning that in between these two sittings a rather copious amount of the caramel left in the remaining half escaped in the wrapper. I found this disappointing as despite splitting the bar cleanly where suggested, the sticky filling had still oozed. This not only caused a right old mess but even more annoyingly meant that by the time I had got around to enjoying the second half of the bar it didn't have as much caramel in - boo!! As for the bits that did make it in to my mouth in full form, it will surprise you not that it was remarkably familiar taste experience. The milk chocolate had all of it's standard Nestle friendly milky cocoa characteristics, whilst the caramel was free flowing with it's gorgeous soft mouth feel and sugary butter flavours.

Overall I don't like the concept of stripping Rolos of their identity (i.e. their shape!!!), but perhaps that is just me being precious of what I consider one of the 'classics'. 'Who gets your last block of Rolo' doesn't quite have the same ring to it I feel :-) Yes this bar version did fundamentally deliver the same milk chocolate caramel flavour experience, but did it do it in any better or more convenient way!? Hmmm not for me it didn't! As I informed you all above if anything it created more mess! There must be something in the water at Nestle UK because they keep reformatting all of these chocolates of theirs. First it was the Aero and now Rolos - next thing you know they will be changing the spelling of Yorkie :-) Give it a break guys! How about some blue sky thinking and something truly innovative!

7.2 out of 10