June 13th: Hotel Chocolat Fathers Day 2012

Over the last few days I've had a number of tweets coming my way (@Chocmission) asking me what I would recommend on the chocolates front for Father's day coming up here in the UK this weekend. Well folks tight deadlines have prohibited me from delivering some full on JCM reviews .... BUT ... I'm making this all up to you loyal JCM readers with a lovely little competition.

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... Doing either of these things will enter you in on a draw for one of the three items I'm recommending for Fathers day below. I will announce the winner this weekend!!! So get to it folks!! Retweet/Follow & Post your way to chocolatey goodness!

Hotel Chocolat For My Dad Pocket Selection - This little pocket pack of truffles contains eight chocolates, namely two of the following pieces: Billionaire’s Shortbread (Superb - See HERE), Simple Milk Truffle (Very Good - See HERE), Choc Chip Cookie, Dizzy Praline (Superb - See HERE). You need only take a look at the individual ratings to establish that this is a pretty safe bet if you are looking for a mini selection box gift.

Hotel Chocolat 70% Dark Chocolate with Chilli Puddles - I don't want to spoil my incoming full review of these but let it be said that these are lovely! The richness of the dark chocolate ... the mouth warmth of the chilli ... I'll say no more but if you know your own 'old man' likes being a little adventurous when it comes to his chocolates then make sure you these are in your consideration.

Hotel Chocolat Whisky Truffles - Now these are the all time faves of my own 'Old Man' and whenever we get a selection box from Hotel Chocolat these are always the first he dives in for (See Jubilee Selection box review - See HERE). I recommend these but I must add a little note of caution that Ladies & Gents ... these are strong!! :-D Approach only if your own 'Old Man' will be able to handle some 'blow your head' off whisky liqueur strength.

Remember to enter the competition folks!!!