June 13th: Ritter Sport Edel-Nuss Mix (100th Anniversary)

Kcal 559 Fat 37.0g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

Put up the banners, send the cards and pop open the champagne bottles - it's time to celebrate 100 years of Ritter! Yes indeed our friends over in Germany are celebrating their 100th year anniversary and to celebrate they've seen fit to release a limited edition chocolate.

The bar they've released to mark this special occasion is this Edel-Nuss Mix offering - one of the latest additions to their extensive 100.0g range. On the wrapper I was informed that the Edel-Nuss Mix contained 'Alpine milk chocolate with almonds (7.0%), cashews (6.0%) and macadamias (5.0%)'. Though not explicitly stated, further inspection of the ingredients list also revealed that there was also an element of hazelnut involved, with hazelnut mass coming in just after macadamias in the rank order.

In regards to the packaging and presentation of the chocolate I guess there isn't that much to be said as it was all really standard Ritter Sport fare. I liked the idea of combining several colours into the predominantly white wrapper, though I would have perhaps liked to have seen more made of the '100 year' element as it came across relatively understated and subtle in it's placement at the top left of the wrapper.

When it came to the all important taste test my immediate observation was that the nut content was plentiful but all chopped into small pieces. When it comes to nutty chocolates I often cite this as a bad thing though the quality and freshness of the nuts made this a real non-issue. Speaking firstly of the chocolate it will surprise you little to hear my approval of the 30.0% cocoa recipe. It's creamy milk flavours grew in intensity with the progression of the melt, and it's underlying sweetness was a fine partner to the savoury focused nuts. As aforementioned the small chopped nut pieces were crammed into every block and they produced a delightful array of salty, buttery, woody flavours. This was one of those bars I found tremendously moreish and I found it really hard to not just keep breaking off blocks every time it caught my eye sitting on my work desk.        

Overall I give this 100th Anniversary chocolate a big JCM thumbs up and would like to see it introduced as a permanent addition to the range once the year is up. I'm sure if you look back across my Ritter reviews (HERE) you will note that I perceive Ritter's nut based chocolates as some of their better flavours so to me at least it made sense that they picked this mixed nut theme to commemorate such an important birthday. What I liked about this bar especially was that each none of the nuts took precedence in the taste and at different times you could really detect the differing contributions that each brought to the party. If you would like to get a second opinion/perspective of this one I would suggest you take a look at Cybele's review over at Candyblog (See HERE) - seemingly she thought as much of it as I did.

8.4 out of 10