June 25th: Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate Tennis Ball

Ladies and Gentlemen it is June 25th 2012 - do you know what that means!??? Why it's the start of the most famous tennis championships in the world - Wimbledon! This tournament is one of the most traditional sporting events on the calendar and there are always a few certainties you can rely on:

1. Copious amount of champagne will be drunk over the next two weeks
2. There will be no British success (sorry Andy!!)
3. Many a strawberry will be lathered in cream and devoured in the SW19 region of London.
4. Rain!!

As sure as I am predicting those things I was just as certain that I was going to love this Wimbledon themed chocolate goodie today, I present to you the Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate Tennis Ball. This product came billed as a 'white chocolate tennis ball with salted caramels' - a recipe for success if ever I heard one.

This Chocolate Tennis Ball came to me as a 150.0g product and I hope my photographs do justice to just how stunning this thing looked. Believe it or not I've been writing this site for nearly 4 years now and I have to say this was one of the coolest themed products I've had the chance of reviewing. The  tennis ball looked EXACTLY like a tennis ball - even the surface of it had this textured look that made it so realistic you could have mistaken it for it's non-edible equivalent. This was not a ball you would want to be hitting with a tennis racket though folks - well maybe just the once to crack it open to reach the salted caramels hidden inside :-D

As much as I loved the visual qualities the tennis ball had, I was more keen on tasting the chocolate. I was fully prepared for the tennis ball shell to be a gimmicky outer shell for the inner caramels but I was surprised to find in truth it was a wonderful. high quality white chocolate. Indeed the yellow dyed chocolate had all the good characteristics of a fine white chocolate and had a crisp, buttery milky taste that was well tempered in it's sweetness. I could have eaten that all day but me being me I was more concerned with the salted caramels that lay inside. I don't think you need me to tell you guys just how good these No.1 Salted Caramels are again (full review - HERE). They are award winning for a reason and it's because the salted little morsels of cocoa dusted dark chocolate are chocolate caramel heaven personified. My only disappointment with this Chocolate Tennis Ball came when I finished it - "New balls please" :-D

Overall the Artisan du Chocolat Chocolate Tennis Ball has to go down as another Artisan success story - I loved everything about it. I'm a big tennis fan so it was likely I was going to be highly receptive of anything given a lick of a tennis theme. This Chocolate Tennis Ball though was really something special. The quality of the presentation was superb and again I will reiterate the point that it was one of the best looking products I've ever reviewed for the site. One thing I've failed to make mention to above is the fact that the 'grass' you see nestling the tennis ball in my photos was actually edible ... yes edible grass :-D Indeed it was just sweetened 'sugar paper' but it was just a nice touch and showed a degree of care and thought that you cant say most products show nowadays. Lastly, and most importantly, as I've alluded to above the quality of the chocolate was very, very good. The white chocolate shell was a real surprise but I needn't say more about the salted caramels which are just out of this world. If you need a gift for a tennis fan or just fancy treating yourself for a championship treat I highly recommend you get involved with one of these.

9.1 out of 10