June 27th: Ritter Sport 'Congratulations' & 'A Little Something'

We've hardly been lacking new Ritter Sport products this year what with all the seasonal varieties and other limited editions they have released - full archive See HERE! Compared to a lot of other manufactures in the confectionery market, the Ritter Sport innovation department has been in over drive and today this trend continues to an extent with these latest 'Congratulations' and 'A Little Something' bars.

To an extent!?? What do I mean by that!? Well to say these bars were true innovation would be an outright lie. Like many of our so called 'NEW' products here in the UK this year these are actually just repackaged versions of an existing product. Yes these 'Congratulations' ; 'A Little Something' bars are simply just an exstension of the the previous year's Ritter Sport 'Thank You' bar. The idea being that you give one of these huge 250.0g chocolates when a 'Congratulations', 'Get Well Soon' or just simply a 'Well Done' is in order.

As with the 2011 'Thank You' offering both of these were big bars of Ritter Sport's 40.0% cocoa milk chocolate, made with beans sourced from Trinidad. Just as I stated last year this recipe was 'a noticeable improvement from their rather more generic standard milk chocolate. No doubt aided by it's thicker melting texture, the cocoa flavours were just more forthcoming and tasted deeper layered with rich milk and honey notes all coming to the fore.' ... tasty stuff indeed if you like your milk chocolates.

Overall there is little else to be said other than I'm sure it comes as no surprises that I'll award the same score as I did last year. These are a cute idea if you are in need of sending some love in the direction of  someone you care about - what better way to send a positive message than in milk chocolate form :-)

8.0 out of 10