June 29th: American Soda Bits n Bobs June 2012

Well come on, it wasn't as you were all going to escape without an American Soda Bits n Bobs monthly review was it :-D Yes the chaps @AmericanSoda put me together another sampling package and this one included some of their best selling lines from their extensive US sourced chocolates and snacks range.

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Cookies & Creme

Kcal 190 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 35.0g (per pastry)

No American Soda Bits n Bobs post would be complete without an appearance from Kellogg's Pop Tarts and it's with great pleasure I bring you my thoughts on these Cookies & Creme flavoured ones today. On pack these looked all the money like they were Oreo themed Pop Tarts and the reality was this was exactly what they were. These Pop Tarts combined chocolate flavoured outer pastry, with a vanilla creme filling and came in a 400.0g box containing four foil wrapped packets within. With them being from the 'frosted' part of the Pop Tarts range I presumed that two pastries in a single serving would be excessive, however a cheeky glass of milk on the side and that was quickly disproved. These were by far best eaten when toasted and they created the most gorgeous chocolate bread smells when done so. Contrary to my prior expectations these were not excessively sweet and it was the chocolate pastry that actually took centre stage of the taste. The chocolate flavoured pastry was lovely and it quickly created an Oreo cookie like unsweetened cocoa taste that didn't at any point get dominated by the filling. The creme itself enhanced the pastry with a subtle sugary vanilla hint, but it was perhaps more welcome for the moisture it added to the dry mouth feel created by the pastry. Personally I would give these a big thumbs up and I would certainly have them again as the occasional breakfast treat. I would even go as far as saying these are up there with my favourite Pop Tart flavours.

8.4 out of 10


Lucky Charms Treat Marshmallow Bar

Kcal 200 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 36.0g (per 48.0g bar)

Ladies and gentlemen this Lucky Charms Treat bar was HUUUUUGE! That was the only thing I could think about when I first picked it out of my American Soda sampling package! Granted it was billed as hefty one at 48.0g but I've genuinely never seen a cereal bar this large before. Thinking back to when cereal bars were first launched here in the UK I seem remember them being marketed as a means of eating breakfast 'on-the-go' in an easily accessible format ... no spilling of milk whilst checking your hair in the rear view mirror etc etc :-D Now whilst I commend General Mills for packing in a full serving size of Lucky Charms into the one bar I do think something has to be said about it's size and lack of practicality for eating it outside of the home - if I was giving a score for that criteria this big-ass bar would get a zero. Suffice to say if you forget all that and just take it for face value this is a product that encapsulates all of the Lucky Charms magic and delivers it in a more satisfying manner. I don't like soggy cereal so personally I actually preferred the dry Lucky Charms experience and found it a more fulfilling one.The bottom layer dried milk coating didn't need to be as sugary sweet as it was but the marshmallows made the taste so sweet anyway I hardly too upset by it. I think it's a very safe one to say that if you like your traditional Lucky Charms cereal your going to be a big time fan of this bar. I'll stick with my "boring" (so I'm told frequently!!) bran cereal for my everyday living but there's no denying that a cheeky bowl or bar now of Lucky Charms isn't a welcome treat.

7.6 out of 10 


Nestle Chunky Bar

Kcal 190 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 25.0g (per bar)

When you think about it here in the UK we have a great number of different fruit and nut chocolate bars. We have the likes of Cadbury, Galaxy, Yorkie, Green & Blacks, Hotel Chocolat etc etc When I think of our dear pals in the US however I struggle to think of many options that they have available to them. Perhaps this was to be a sign that this Nestle Chunky Bar was going to be so awesome that there was no point there being any others available :-) This perhaps wasn't quite the case, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. One thing that has to be said about all those UK bars I mentioned before is that they all comprise of raisins/currants and then either/or hazelnuts or almonds. I can't think of a bar we have that contains peanuts as the nut content - not like this Chunky bar does anyway! Indeed this 39.0g bar was comprised of milk chocolate, raisins and peanuts and as per it's name it was split in to four large sized blocks. The milk chocolate was surprisingly tasty with a good paced melt and pleasant underlying creaminess to it. The raisins and peanuts were plentifully implemented with representation in all four blocks. The sugary flavours of the fruit and saltiness of the nuts provided a nice enhancement to the chocolate. All this together made for a pretty satisfying overall bar and one that I would say definitely exceeded expectations. It's low price would certainly encourage me to purchase it again.

7.8 out of 10