June 2nd: Heavenly Cakes British Bakewell / Sovereign Shortbread

There's a good chance that 2012 is going to go down as the proudest year in British history. with us celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend and of course the Summer Olympics starting in just a few weeks time. Suffice to say the country is feeling rather good about itself at the moment and there is many a celebration being had up and down the land. I myself will attending a few parties this weekend and no doubt will be raising a glass of swift sherry and burnt banger to our dear Ma'am. Of course I wont be able to turn up at these parties without taking my own contribution to the gathering. Not wanting to be boring and show up with something anyone could have bought from their local supermarket, I thought that this sounded like a job for Heavenly Cakes. Take a look at what they sent across:

Heavenly Cakes British Bakewell

Ladies and Gentlemen I don't like Bakewell Tarts - not even the ones by the daddy himself Mr Kipling. They aren't something I have bought in years, but from memory having them as a kid I just remember them being overly sugary and sickeningly sweet. Suffice to say I really wasn't all that excited by this cake but it managed to exceed expectations and then some. What impressed me first was the look of the cake when I finally negotiate unwrapping it from it's uber sticky wrapper. It looked fantastic with the layers of cake, almond topping, jam and pastry base clearly defined and smelling incredibly fresh. The aromas reminded me of lovely hot croissants so it was no surprise that the taste reminded me of them also. Indeed biting into the cake all memories of Bakewell cakes being sweet and sickly disappeared as I was confronted by a delicious array of golden pastry, buttery nut, vanilla sponge and red fruit flavours.The variety and dexterity of the taste was just fantastic and all these different elements were delivered within a wide range of different textures. There was stickyness, there was crispy pastry and there was moist and light cake, it was just wonderful. I savored every bite of this cake, thank goodness the Heavemly Cakes guys were kind enough to send me a lot of samples. If I only had a few I don't think they would have made it to this weekends parties.

8.8 out of 10

Heavenly Cakes Sovereign Shortbread

Whilst I believe the British Bakewell is going to be available all year round (and so it should be!!), I think I'm right in saying that this Sovereign Shortbread has been specifically created to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee this weekend. This Sovereign Shortbread is essentially Heavenly's Chocolate Shortbread but with a little British twist with the addition of a milk chocolate crown shape at it's centre. Knowing just had good my friend @BettyBakes is with her shortbread I was expectant of good things and Heavenly Cakes being Heavenly Cakes didn't let me down. The biscuit was epically crumbly, and melted in the mouth like butter - a mouth feel entirely suitable given the taste. Indeed the biscuit was just incredible with underlying butter biscuit shortcake flavours complimented expertly with finely balanced elements of sugar and salt. Eating around the middle crown shaped piece it meant I saved the best until very last and the remaining few bites were just utter bliss with the addition of the creamy milk chocolate to the party. Real, bakery fresh biscuits just don't get better than this.

8.3 out of 10

Overall both were superb tasting cakes from Heavenly and part of me can't wait to take them to the parties this weekend to see what everyone makes of them. The other part of me wants to hoard them all to myself but that wouldn't be much in the spirit of British communal cheer now would it :-D I will give an update in a few days to let you know how well these were received.