July 13th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Olympic Editions: Nuts for Gold

Prepare for the anthems we have our gold medal offering from Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Editions going under the Jim's ChocolateMission jurisdiction today. Was this 'Nut for Gold' really the best of the bunch? Or it did it fail to live up to it's billing? Take a look below and see for yourself. Got a view you want to express? Join the ChocolateMission Twitter feed - @ChocMission and let me know your thoughts.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Nuts for Gold
Kcal 85 Fat 5.1g Fat(sats) 2.7g Carbs 8.0g (per 3 chunks)

Concluding our week long Cadbury ceremony this 'Nuts for Gold' bar had all the promise of being a real quality offering. The wrapper was definitely the best looking of the bunch and I loved how the usual gold Cadbury brand logo was consistent with the adapted gold coloured on-pack Union Jack. The chocolate was sectioned into nice bitesized chunks and smelt delicious with both strong chocolate and nuts scents on offer. To this point all sounded, smelt and appeared well, however I took a look at the bar description and I knew things were likely to take a turn for the worse - Doh!

'Milk chocolate filled with praline (yay!!!) ... and caramelised hazelnut pieces (booooo!). Indeed, cast your minds back to just this Monday and you will get what I made of these supposed 'caramelised hazelnut pieces' - I was far from impressed. Fully aware I was likely to end up disappointed I proceeded with the taste test and it all went down as I expected. The initial stages of the chocolate melt development were awesome and I was very much loving the woody, hazelnut influence that was complimenting the Dairy Milk chocolate very nicely. Of course what came after this initial development with the discovery of the caramelised hazelnut pieces in the middle of each piece was in my opinion totally counter productive. For me they again failed to bring anything to the party aside from a very unnatural brown sugar lump like feel and flavour influence. They weren't quite as spoiling to the stronger flavoured praline as they were the milder toffee creme on Monday, but they still did nothing for me and ruined what was a nice pleasant textural feel and nutty chocolate taste.

Overall 'Nuts for Gold' may be classified as the gold medal winning chocolate in this new line up but for me it didn't merit the accreditation. Unfortunately that award has to go to the Silvery Creme, a bar that was just as disappointing in it's own way due to it being a repackaged Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss bar. I think if Cadbury had gone for a bar more akin to their Dairy Milk Whole Nut offering and had big, whole nut pieces of honey roasted Hazelnuts this could have been a really quality offering. Unfortunately I believe they went for the more kid friendly approach, which sadly with my money making corporate hat on I can see why. After a week of Cadbury Dairy Milk reviews I'm all out of things to say other these were all ultimately three rather mediocre chocolates. They wont upset the masses by any means but at the same time I don't think there will be much clamor for them once the Games are over.

7.3 out of 10