July 23rd: The Heavenly Cakes Olympics 2012 - Part 1

Guys and girls I don't know if you have heard but something called the Olympic Games is getting underway at the end of this week :-) Haha! Who am I kidding huh!? Its London 2012 mania in the UK at the moment and the nation is being swept up in the excitement of the glorious events that will follow in the next month or so. I like to try and keep this website as relevant to the times as possible - how on earth was I going to bring the spirit of the Games to JCM?? ... why of course!!! The Heavenly Cakes Olympics! Indeed my wonderful pals at Heavenly Cakes have had @BettyBakes working overtime in the Heavenly Cakes kitchen knocking up some limited edition treats to mark London 2012. Over the course of this week I'm going to reviewing all of these country representative cakes, and for an added twist I'm going to be doing away with the traditional JCM rating system and getting in the spirit of things by awarding medals based on how highly I rate them.

Should you fancy trying some of these cakes yourselves (trust me the likelyhood is going to be very high!) I should point you in the direction of the Heavenly Cakes Twitter feed - @BettyBakes Just drop Betty a line and I'm sure she will take care of you .... right ... on with the Games ..I mean cakes :-)

Heavenly Cakes Jamaican Rum & Raisin Tiffin

Having been sent six different cakes to try this week it wont surprise you to hear I roped in some help sampling these. Knowing full well one of my work colleagues had a particular liking of rum I sensibly acquired their expert services to try out this Rum & Raisin Tiffin, a cake originating straight from Jamaica BettyBakes would have me believe. This cake was formed of a base layer of rum soaked biscuits and raisins in gooey chocolate refrigerator cake which was topped with thick layer of swirled dark and milk chocolate. The bottom layer was insanely dense yet the buttery, digestive biscuit pieces it contained melted like butter in the mouth. The sheer thickness of the upper chocolate layer made every bite incredibly rich in chocolateyness and the combination of the sweeter milk and plainer dark chocolate made for an bombardment of cocoa flavours that even the biggest chocoholic would have found impressive. Whilst the chocolate flavour hit was unquestionably grand both my work colleague and I thought Betty could have been a little bit more liberal with the rum. Indeed the speediness at which the biscuits melted away and the smallness of the currants and raisins meant the rum wasn't all the prevalent in the taste and had we not been predisposed to it's presence we might have struggled to pick it up among the dominant chocolate constituents. Usain Bolt may be bringing home the gold in the coming weeks but despite these cakes being met with nothing with praise all round I'm going to say Jamaica will have to settle for a bronze medal here as the proposition wasn't 100% delivered on. It's a tough rating indeed, but these are the Heavenly Cakes Olympic Games where the standard are high and no medals come easy.

Bronze Medal out of 10

Heavenly Cakes Italian Lemon Bakewell

You are kidding right!? Italy??? Lemon Bakewell??? Don't worry I had similar thoughts to you so I inquired with @BettyBakes. She replied : "Did you know that Italy are in actual fact the biggest lemon growers in the world?" ... err no ... I didn't  :-D To be honest I couldn't really of cared less because I was chaught up how awesome this cake was. As you will see from my photo above this was a very similar cake to the traditional British Bakewell that Betty created for the Jubilee a few months ago. It was formed of a base layer of soft, buttery shortbread cake which topped with a layer of lemon curd and another layer of soft sponge. Just like the Bakewell cake for the Jubilee this was one very sticky cake and one that perhaps not suitable to eat on that move. The bottom layer of shortbread like cake was very crumbly and it literally melted like butter as soon as it hit my tongue. The lemon curd above was sweet, yet had a lovely zingy lemon freshness to it and the acidicty of citrus lemon was a delightful balancer to the other sweet as sin constituents. The sponge on top had obviously been further enhanced with lemon oil and lemon juice, as it had alot of qualities similar to that of lemon drizzle cake. Compared to some of Heavenly's offerings like the Tiffin above this came across as lighter option and wasn't quite as overwhemling and daunting to eat in it's entirety. If you prefer lighter cakes this is certainly one to look at - @BettyBakes has done Italy's masterful lemon growing justice here. I think a silver medal rating is a fair reflection.

Silver Medal out of 10

.... check back to the site Wednesday when two more of the country representative limited edition Heavenly Cakes will be reviewed. Don't forget to get in touch with myself @ChocMission or @BettyBakes on Twitter. We would love to hear from you.