July 25th: The Heavenly Cakes Olympics 2012 - Part 2

The Heavenly Cakes Olympic Games continue today with @BettyBakes's GB and US cake representations. I know the guys at Heavenly are mega keen to hear what you lot have to say about these culinary masterpieces, so please send her your thoughts on the @BettyBakes Twitter page. Of course if any of these cakes tickle your fancy you can order them through the Heavenly Cakes website which you can view HERE.
Heavenly Cakes USA Peanut Butter Jelly Time 

I luuuuurve all things with peanut butter in so I was mega keen on trying this one as soon as it landed on my doorstep. Combining a shortbread biscuit base and top, this chunky fella was filled with peanut butter and raspberry conserve. To say it both looked and smelt awesome would be an understatement. The biscuit portions sandwiched a plentiful looking filling of both the red jam and crunchy peanut butter. The nutty aromas that exploded out the packet once opened only fueled my desire to get my lips around it right away - I of course obliged. Now to say I was disappointed with the taste test that followed would be a major exaggeration. The cake was utterly delicious - the shortbread was insanely buttery and and had a perfect balance of sweet and salty biscuityness. Similarly the peanut butter and raspberry conserve were fantastic and established all the desired nutty, fruity flavours I was hoping for. As good as the cake tasted however, I have to report that things weren't all perfect when it came to texture and mouth feel. Unusually for Heavenly Cakes shortbread it had a very dry, moisture sucking melt and the fillings weren't enough to bring the required moistness to proceedings. This didn't ruin my experience at all, but to say things were all perfect would be a lie. Would I have this cake again!? Oh yes for sure! I would though make sure I had a suitable beverage close by to make it a totally satisfying  experience.

Bronze medal out of 10

Heavenly Cakes British Royal Eton Mess

Representing team GB in these Heavenly Cakes Olympic Games we have the Royal Eton Mess. This was a cake combining a cake base, meringue, white chocolate, berry conserve and frozen strawberry pieces - a proposition not all to different to that of 'Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue' I reviewed November 2011 (See HERE). When it came to trying this one I had to fight tooth and nail for my Mother to even give me a sniff of this cake here - she loved it and I can't say I blame her. You will probably agree that all of the cakes you will see this week are pretty special looking - this one for me stood out from the pack and the aesthetic appeal of the white chocolate and red berry constituents made for a really interesting and unique look. The sweet strawberry fruit smells that emanated from the pack were highly indicative of what was to follow in the taste test. Indeed this was one sensational tasting cake and I don't think my Mother could have told me any more times how much she enjoyed it :-D In a succinct sum up she loved the strawberries and cream like taste that was created by the fruit pieces, jam and chocolate, and she said that even with the meringue the taste was never too overly sweet - something I was surprised to find myself also as I had my initial doubts. This was a cake bursting full of fruitiness and the strawberry taste was both real tasting and incredibly moreish. Am I being biased awarding the home nation with the first gold medal - no way! If you wish to contest then I suggest you order yourself one and then try make the argument. This cake was superb, enjoyed all round and well worthy of a place on the top level of the podium.

Gold medal out of 10