July 27th: The Heavenly Cakes Olympics 2012 - Part 3

Today marks the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games with the opening ceremony kicking proceedings off for what I hope will be a fantastic few weeks of sport. Whilst the real event may only just be getting underway, the Heavenly Cakes Olympic Games 2012 conclude here on ChocolateMission with me awarding medals today to our Chinese and Canadian representatives. As I said yesterday, @BettyBakes would love to hear from you - if you fancy the look of any of these cakes you can find them on the Heavenly Cakes website (See HERE)

Heavenly Cakes Chinese Banoffee

Chinese Banoffee??? I have to be pulling your leg right!? Would I do such a thing!? I did say at the start of the week that some of these cakes were somewhat 'loose' in terms of their origin :-D The explanation offered this time from the @BettyBakes kitchen was that China are the biggest exporters of the banana fruit. Dodgy reasoning??? ... oh for sure! Dodgy cake??? ... heck no!!! If you had tried to feed me a cake containing any sort of banana a few years ago I would have told you to take hike. Indeed it's only really recently that I've grown to love bananas. I still wont be found tucking into the fruit on its own, but banana flavoured foods are something I've strangely grown to love. When this Banoffee cake surfaced in the JCM household there was no hiding it from my Mother who as one of the biggest banana fans going was understandably very excited about trying it. And why shouldn't she have!? 'A digestive biscuit base topped with caramel and banana flavoured white chocolate' sounded like a winner and to me and all the signs were good from the cool look and alluring banana fruit smells that made their way from the plastic packet. I'm glad to report this cake matched all expectations and like so many of the cakes this week it was another totally delicious offering. The base was a lovely sweet and salty biscuit and carried the mega buttery, gooey caramel above very well indeed.The layer of white chocolate had strong tones of cream and banana, and the dried fruit chips placed on top only further went to establish the banana in the taste. Altogether it was devilishly sweet concoction of real banana fruit flavours, biscuit and caramel. Rich for sure, but totally delectable at the same time. My Mother insisted on a gold medal here and I wouldn't for one minute argue with that. It was probably my favourite of all the Heavenly Cakes Olympic cakes.

Gold medal out of 10

Heavenly Cakes Canadia Nanaimo Bar

This was one had to look up as I had never heard of a Nanimo bar before, let alone had any clue that it hailed from Canada. My research of course spanned as far wide as Wiki of course :-D (See HERE), where I learnt that the 'Nanaimo bar is a dessert of Canadian origin popular across North America. The Nanaimo bar is a bar cookie which requires no baking, and is named after the West-Coast city of Nanaimo, British Columbia' - now don't tell me you don't learn something new each and everyday on the site :-D This cake was formed of a base of chocolate digestive biscuits and desicated coconut, which was topped with layers of both buttercream icing and Belgian chocolate. This had me drooling at the mouth ala Homer Simpson style and the gorgeous scents of coconut, chocolate biscuit and sweet sweeeeet icing only went to further my anticipation. We all know by now that @BettyBakes doesn't like to leave her customers shortchanged when it comes to her cake fillings - just look at the amount of buttercream icing involved here!! Though plentifully portioned it was of course the biscuit base that came to the fore first and the slight salt lick of the digestive biscuit was to play a key role in balancing of the taste with the two exceedingly sweet layers above. The buttercream turned out to be lighter in texture than I thought it would be and it melted away quite fast after establishing a short, swift blast of sugary vanilla icing flavours. In an ideal world I would have made the thick layer of chocolate above a plainer tasting dark chocolate to take a little bit of sweetness out of the equation, but still it was deliciously creamy and established the necessary chocolate flavour in every bite. It should also be considered that the dessicated coconut contained within the base was also a big factor in the taste. As a cocnut lover I very much welcomed it's addition but those of a different opinion might want to avoid this one. Overall this was another highly enjoyable cake but I can't say it hit the levels of the British or Chinese offerings.

Silver medal out of 10

So that concludes the Heavenly Cakes Olympic Games. I hope you enjoyed these posts and are encouraged to try them for yourself - come on over to the @ChocMission twitter page to share your views.