July 2nd: Heavenly Cakes Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

You may recall a few weeks ago that I celebrated Jubilee weekend here in the UK with the aide of my good friends at Heavenly Cakes who sent me some of their superb British Bakewell and Sovereign Shortbread cakes (See HERE). Following that review a number of JCM readers sent me messages on Twitter (@ChocMission) asking me what I thought of some of their other products – a few of which I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying yet. One of the cakes that fell in to that criteria was this Baked Chocolate Cheesecake – a new offering that @BettyBakes had introduced to their line-up in early 2012. Following a cheeky message to @BettyBakes I soon found myself the lucky recipient of some Heavenly Cakes Baked Chocolate Cheesecake samples – what a delight it would turn out to be!

I’m not going to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes here and say that my samples came flawlessly presented. To the contrary the packaging didn’t do the job it needed to do, and though granted these came through delivery on a scorching hot day, the soft upper portion of the cake stuck to the wrapper and caused a right old mess. This was despite some of the most careful packaging and use of bubble wrap I’ve seen, yet it still came a little misshaped and malformed – ho hum! Fast forward through a few hours of refrigeration and we were back on song. Out of its cellophane wrapper and placed on to my mid-afternoon coffee side plate and fork in hand I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

Heavenly on their website say this cake has been called ‘the best in the world’ - a pretty exciting proposition for anyone like me that likes the odd slice of cheese cake (or two haha!!). Breaking the cake down by its two key layers, both added a terrific amount to the overall taste and complimented each other really quite superbly. The base layer reminded me greatly of a certain famous biscuit we have here in the UK (*ahem* McVitie’s Digestives *ahem*) and provided a solid, crisp base in both texture and flavours with its synergy of sweet and salty cereal influences. After a period of cooling in the fridge the upper layer had slightly solidified, though it was still a little softer than I would say your average cheesecake topping. In the mouth it felt lovely and it melted like butter with the most supreme softness. Whilst doing this the most epic wave of chocolaty cream cheese flavours engulfed my senses. The chocolate influence was more of a semi-sweet dark chocolate than a sugary milk chocolate and it was enhanced with small, yet noticeable, hints of both vanilla and buttery almonds. This added to the creamy dairyness of the thick cream cheese it created the richest of cakes ever – even by Heavenly Cakes standards. Half at a time was certainly more than I could handle, and believe me I love cheesecake.

Overall I thought this was yet another outstanding cake and it can certainly be added to the ever growing long list of great ones that Heavenly Cakes have created. I was concerned a little by the appearance of the cake when I received it due to its somewhat melted state; however those concerns were a distant memory once I tasted it. Indeed, packaging worries aside the cake was simply outstanding and ticked all the same boxes of luxury and treat of Heavenly Cakes that have gone before. The digestive biscuit base was simple in construct but it wasn’t like it needed to be any more complicated than that anyway – it was perfect. The upper baked layer of chocolate and cream cheese was equally as divine – it was rich, substantial and most importantly tasty as can be. I could go on all day about how much I recommend this cake but like them all there’s only one way of you really knowing how good they are – try for yourself I’ve given you the excuse now.

8.4 out of 10