July 9th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Olympic Editions: Bronzed Creme Crunch

The countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games is nearing it's end and in under a month we will well and truly be in the swing of things. Like it or not (some people really aren't - See HERE) Cadbury are one of the chief sponsors of this years Games so it's with little surprise that they have seen fit to release some Limited Edition Olympic themed chocolates. Over the course of this week I will be reviewing each of the three variants. In true medal ceremony order, I will first today give you my views on the 'Bronzed Creme Crunch', Wednesday you will see the 'Silvery Creme' and then on Friday we will wrap up with the 'Nuts for Gold'. I wont go over the top with the detail for all three as I'm sure you will all know what to expect from Cadbury nowadays. I do have a competition lined up for the weekend - more details on that will be revealed during the week.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bronzed Creme Crunch
Kcal 85 Fat 5.7g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 7.8g (per 3 chunks)

So we start the week with this 'Bronzed Creme Crunch' offering and like all the three in the new selection it came in a 120.0g 'sharing' bar form. Cadbury didn't reveal how much they planned to be selling each of these new Olympic bars for, though I would expect to pay around the £1.00 given that this has often been their selling price for their limited editions. It came described as 'Milk chocolate with a toffee flavour filling and caramelised hazelnut pieces' - it was at least going to be something new if nothing else.

The first thing I noticed about this bar when doing the photos for the review was just how dull and un-bronze-like the filling looked. Sandwiched in between the Dairy Milk exterior the creme was a dirty beige colour and although there were spots of gold coloured hazelnuts it just looked underwhelming. Armoa wise there were better things to report with sweet toffee smells forthcoming as soon as the wrapper was unsealed. In a taste of two halves, proceedings started out nicely with the sweet, creamy Dairy Milk chocolate instantly enhanced by a further raft of buttery, butterscotch toffee flavours. Although still very sweet at the point of mid-melt, the taste was more notable for it's creamyness and I was certainly enjoying the smoothness of the mouth feel. Unfortunately it was the second half that didn't do it for me and the entrance of the caramelised hazelnut pieces were this bars downfall. Indeed these supposed nut pieces were more akin to tiny little clumps of sugar. For me they upset the equation texturally and annoyingly the taste took a large swing over to the point of no return in terms of it's sweetness. After just a few blocks I could feel that horrible burning sensation at the back of my throat - I did not approve.

Overall if you like sweet chocolate then I can see you might get a little more enjoyment from this Bronzed Creme Crunch than I did here. As described above, I found this chocolate enjoyable to a point but the experience was ultimately ruined by the the unnecessary and poorly executed hazelnut pieces. They frankly just weren't nut like in taste or texture - whats really annoying is sadly this would have been a pretty decent offering had it just been all about the toffee flavoured creme. It was by no means awful but I don't think I would buy this bar again.

6.4 out of 10