August 10th: Kit Kat Cookies & Cream (UK)

Kcal 107 Fat 5.1g Fat(sats) 3.2g Carbs 10.8g (per bar)

Got a feeling of Deja Vu?? Well folks you haven't traveled back in time to last weeks Kit Kat Cookies & Cream review - See HERE - you are in fact reading my views on Nestle's latest Kit Kat new product for our very own UK market. Yes Nestle must be avid Chocolate Mission readers as it took them under a week to read my glowing report of the Australian bar and then get their own incarnation into the market :-) Haha ok ok perhaps not!! Whilst I'm pretty sure you guys are glad I haven't gone completely crackers and started posting the same reviews over and over again, I'm even more sure you will be pleased to hear that this weeks Kit Kat Cookies & Cream bar review also comes with another competition:

COMPETITION: Simply follow me on Twitter - @ChocMission and 'retweet' my review here today. Simple huh!? The winner will win themselves 3 of these Kit Kat Cookies & Cream and will be notified on the evening of Sunday 12th.

Back to the matter at hand, and I can inform you that these bars came billed as 'two crisp wafer fingers covered with milk chocolate and cookies flavour white chocolate' .... yes you read that correctly 'cookies flavour white chocolate' hmmm indeed! The small matter of £1.00 bought me an 8 bar multipack with the bars each weighing 20.8g. I haven't had two finger Kit Kats for a long while now but I certainly welcomed back the paper sleeve, silver foil combo used to wrap each of the bars.

Out their foil confines the scents of sweet vanilla greeted me as I broke the bar in half with the usual reassuring snap of the wafer. Based on my interpretation of the description I had a dreadful feeling that this might be a lazy invention by our pals at Nestle and unfortunately my fears were confirmed by the taste test. I'm afraid I thought the execution of the Cookies & Cream theme was poor at best with the white chocolate coating the majority of the bar simply boosting the sugary flavours of the usual sweet milk chocolate and dominating the mild malty wheat flavours of the wafer. The small hint of vanilla present was by no means enough to give it a sense of the taste being enhancing and by the final bite of the small bar I was getting that sugar induced hot, uncomfortable feeling at the back of my throat.

Overall I never like to put a downer on companies trying new things but Nestle got these Cookies & Cream bars all wrong. For starters I cannot see for the life of me where these bars justify the Cookies & Cream name - I don't actually see where the cookie aspect comes in to it at all? The white chocolate used here was frankly cheap tasting, overly sugary and resultingly depreciative of the other milk chocolate and wafer constituents. Sorry to say folks but in my opinion these new Kit Kat Cookies & Cream bars aren't great. You wont break your shopping budget giving them a try but I honestly wouldn't expect much. Share your views (and mine if you want to enter the competition!!haha!) with me on twitter @ChocMission.

6.4 out of 10