August 13th: Nestle Vice Versas

 Kcal 98 Fat 4.1g Fat(sats) 2.6g Carbs 14.3g (per 7 sweets)

Nestle UK have answered the prayers of many a Facebook 'fan page' and buckled to consumer demand bringing back Nestle Vice Versas. Although these re-released chocs come under the guise of a 'new' crediatation on the packaging I'm sure many a chocolate fanatic will recall their first flirtation with the UK market back when they were first released in 1991. Since that time they have been taken in and out of distribution a few times - according to Wiki the last limited edition batch I believe was around the 2004 period. Well all you need now know is that they are back and are being stocked in a few limited retail outlets - Asda and Toy R Us are the places spotted so far.

Before I launch in to the review today I have to pass thanks to ChocolateMission reader Michael who kindly sourced these from his local Asda for me. Michael told me in his e-mail that they were on an introductory £1.00 offer but had an RRP of £1.59 according to the label on the shelf. These days it seems that £1.00 buys you 126.0g worth of Vice Versas - I would guess around 30 to 40 sweets.

Aside from being contained in a glossy new plastic packet, the outer packaging looked very similar to the old Vice Versas I remember from yesteryear. Whilst I liked this consistency from the past I was very unimpressed by the look of the actual chocolates when I got them out the packet. As you can probably ascertain from my photo the sweets with the milk chocolate outer shells were very dull in complexion. This wasn't too much of an issue I guess but the contrast between the two varieties wasn't as striking as it could have been and it just didn't visually look as impressive as I thought it could be.

When it came to the taste test my first impressions were that the candy shells were a lot thicker than I remember. For all I know they may be exactly as they used to be but regardless I still thought they were very thick here. When it came to which of the two variants I preferred I will have to sit on the fence as to be honest neither were anything special or differentiated. To me both tasted broadly similar and with that both similarly mediocre. The sugar candy shells dominated the main stay of the taste and ultimately made most mouthfuls a monotonous brown sugar led flavour generation. The middle fillings did inject sweet chocolate flavours (the white filled ones with a little note of vanilla), but they weren't that significant and after a few mouthfuls I found myself very unexcited by the one dimensional sugar dominated taste.

Overall some things are better left in the past and sadly I think that applies to these Nestle Vice Versas. We live in a day and age where we have all sorts of different flavours being offered by the likes of M&M's and with Nestle Smarties being available all year round anyway I cant see a situation where these suddenly become a permanent fixture again with us here in the UK. I cant deny it wasn't fun reacquainting myself with these Vice Versas to just get old nostalgia kick, however as described above it was only after a few mouthfuls that I got bored of them. For that reason alone I can suggest perhaps a cheeky purchase if you see them on offer. One packet is enough though and I certainly wont be complaining if its another 8 years until I have another.

5.0 out of 10