August 15th: Bits n Bobs August 2012

You guys will all know the drill now. Here are some mini reviews of both the latest products hitting the UK shelves and also some very generous contributions sent to me by my loyal JCM readers. If you have an opinion on any of the products you see here be sure to share them with me @ChocMission.

Elizabeth Shaw Cocoa Crunch
Kcal 521 Fat 35.8g Fat(sats) 19.4g Carbs 42.5g (per 100.0g)

You may or may not be aware (depending on how my review schedule plays out!!) that I was recently the lucky recipient of a big hamper full of samples from the folks at Elizabeth Shaw. Included in this big collection of goodies the ES guys included some samples of their chocolate bar range - you can find two of the flavours reviewed here in one of my Christmas posts last year (See HERE). Since then  Elizabeth Shaw have introduced a new variety to the range in the form of this Cocoa Crunch bar. At times like these I'm glad I don't commit to writing full on reviews for some chocolates as I would have really struggled to write anything more than I will do here ... this bar was AVERAGE in almost every possible sense. It sounded unremarkable 'dark chocolate with cocoa nibs' and for the most part it was. It looked fine, smelt like any standard dark chocolate and ultimately tasted like a very run-of-the-mill 57% coocoa offering. The flavour generation was of a more than acceptable level and did have a rich, unsweetened cocoa prowess, though it was ultimately a little one dimensional. The cocoa nibs did nothing more than add a not so great crunchy, rough element texturally. This wasn't a bad product at all but I've had so many better dark chocolates in my team I doubt I would ever buy it again.

7.0 out of 10

Nestle Boci Aero Strawberry
Kcal 193 Fat 11.9g Carbs 18.5g (per bar)

First off thanks to JCM reader Phil who sent me this bar for the review today. Phil got in contact after finding a number of European chocolates in one of his local discounter stores. Being the kind guy he is, he sent me a selection of what he found and this included this Nestle Boci Aero Strawberry bar. According to the back of the wrapper this was a bar that produced in Budapest at Nestle Hungary. Back in December 2011 I did review a few bars from Hungary including one Boci bar - (See HERE). I was hoping for another good Hungarian experience though I must say I feared the worst when I unsealed the wrapper and was greeted with some horrible, fake smelling strawberry scents. The jet pink coloured filling did nothing to subside my fears though I commenced my taste test and I'm sure glad I did. The outer milk chocolate was very Milka esq - light, milky and altogether pleasant. The Aero textured filling was the big surprise though and it was lovely! It was far departed from the overly sugary, artificial flavour experience I expected and was more a creamy, not overly strong, red berry taste that I actually really enjoyed. The strawberry flavours were far more reserved than I thought they would be - it wasn't strawberry excellence ala Hotel Chocolat Eton Mess but it was tasty nonetheless. This Boci Aero Strawberry is certainly worth a buy if you like your Aero products. I liked it a lot more than the Aero Orange.

7.0 out of 10

M&M's Peanut Intense 65% Cocoa
Kcal 209 Fat 12.1g Carbs 19.7g (per pack)

Here in the UK Mars don't often treat us to any of the new M&M's flavours that we often see our American pals get treated to. Suffice to say I was hardly surprised to read that these were a product made by Mars Polska when I took a look at the back of the bag. Once again I must extend my thanks to JCM reader Phil for sourcing these for me. Phil said when he found them that he got 3 bags for the bargain price of £1.00 - that sounded like a great deal to me! These M&M's Peanut Intense came in a bag weighing 40.0g which included around 20 or so randomly sized candy coated peanuts. Despite all the on-pack blurb being in Polish there was a English translation informing these were 'peanuts in chocolate, in a coloured layer of sugar'. The 65.0% cocoa billing sounded strong for an everyday mass consumer chocolate product but it proved to be anything but the sort. Indeed when it came to the chocolate it was more your non-sweet milk chocolate rather than a darker, richer flavoured one; and it ultimately lacked the flavour depth of the sweeter, creamier chocolate of the standard M&M's Peanut. When you factor this in with the peanuts not being as flavoursome or as fresh crunchy as normal you will understand why I haven't rated these so great. I wont pretend like I buy M&M's very often but I cant see myself having these again.

6.1 out of 10

 Rocky Chockas Double Choc
Kcal 86 Fat 4.4g Fat(sats) 2.6g Carbs 10.2g (per biscuit)

When it comes to chocolate biscuits here in the UK it seems more and more manufactures are bringing an ever increasing amount of new limited edition products to the table. For me to cover them all would be impossible but don't you worry if I try something and have a strong opinion on it you will be sure to be well informed (N.b. if you think I have missed something tell me @ChocMission). This brings me on nicely to these Rocky Chockas Double Choc, guess what!? I have a strong opinon on them :-D Don't worry though boys and girls I have nothing but glowing praise. These 'Rocky Chockas' are the latest line of biscuits created by Fox's and are obviously a line extension of the original Fox's Rocky bars (See HERE). The new lineup consists of three flavours - (Full details HERE) and are available in most supermarkets currently retailing on introductory £1.00 offers. I recently bought a pack of the Double Choc - 'chocolate shortcake biscuits sprinkled with dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and crispy rice, coated in milk chocolate' ... err shouldn't that be 'Triple Choc' then!?? Name fail!? Menial nonsense aside I have the pleasure of reporting I thought these were wonderful! The milk chocolate coating the biscuit was thick, soft melting and instantly delivered a satisfying chocolate flavour hit. The buttery, salt licked shortcake in the middle was crisp to the bite and the two chocolate chip types added richer cocoa bursts and creamy vanilla hints when called upon. Altogether these were just very nice, affordable chocolate biscuits and had I paid more than just £1.00 for them I probably still would have felt content with my purchase. I certainly feel encouraged to try the other flavours now.

8.2 out of 10