August 1st: Thorntons Best of British 2012 Bakewell Tart / Banana & Custard

A British themed product line ...!? Well I never!!! :-D I'll save you all another rant about my growing weariness of British themed items but I do have to admit I'm fast getting sick of that sight of these red, blue and white brandished goods. I certainly can't take it out on Thorntons today as that would be unfair on them as they are only following what every other manufacture on our shores have done in the last few months. Instead I'll just give you my opinions on the two Limited Edition 'Best of British' chocolates they have created for this summer. Well, its actually more just the one chocolate they've created this year, as one of the variants was also around for a brief time in 2011.

I bought both of these 80.0g bars in my local Thorntons shop and they were both price aligned to the other variants in the Thorntons square bars range at £1.19 a piece. You can probably tell from my paragraph above how much I thought of the British packaging and presentation concept, however I will at least say they were some of the classier looking Brit themed wrappers I've come across in the last few weeks.

Thorntons Bakewell Tart
Kcal 552 Fat 35.6g Fat(sats) 21.7g Carbs 47.4g (per 100.0g)

As I made mention to above I had actually previously reviewed one of the two flavours from the selection - Thorntons Bakewell Tart (Review - See HERE). That was a bar originally released for the Throntons centurion celebration and I remember really quite enjoying it at the time. Unfortunately, what I also remember was that the chocolate had one major flaw and that was the raspberry seeds which created an annoying, rough texture. Thorntons seemingly didn't learn from this mistake and it's a shame becuase it was a shared view by several of my fellow chocolate blogging friends! It was good to see Thorntons retain the insane Bakewell Tart realism in the taste, but I genuinely was disappointed they didn't attempt to rectify the seeds issue. I'm begrudgingly give it the same score as last year.

8.4 out of 10

Thorntons Banana & Custard
Kcal 567 Fat 35.7g Fat(sats) 22.8g Carbs 53.1g (per 100.0g)

Thankfully I now get the opportunity to be a whole lot more positive about this 'white chocolate with banana chips, vanilla seed and custard flavoured' delight. Ladies and gents this chocolate was awesome - there's no other way of putting it. All signs were indicating this from the outset - the bar smelt like a dream and the custard and banana smells were forthcoming straight away. What with it being both a white chocolate and containing a sugary fruit like banana this had all the potential to be sickly sweet but this flaw was negotiated superbly. Instead the chocolate base was gorgeously creamy and had strong tones of vanilla custard that left the most delicious dairy aftertaste in the mouth once it's thick, flowing melt had come and gone. When left to slowly melt on the tongue the melted chocolate left banana chips remnants to crunch down on. These added very real tasting bursts of banana fruit flavours and varied up the texture nicely bringing a cool chewy, crispy element to the party. I loved this chocolate and so did my banana loving Mother.

9.1 out of 10

Overall both of these chocolate deliver big time on their intended flavours so if either are tickling your fancy then you should get involved without doubt. As I said above it was annoying lessons weren't learnt from last year with the Bakewell Tart, but that said it was still an accurate representation of one of our countries most famous cakes. As for the Banana & Custard I think I have to say little other than it was the best white chocolate I've had all year. I highly, highly recommend that one if it is white chocolate that floats your boat. I'll certainly be stocking up on it considering it's a limited edition! Tell me what you thought of these on Twitter @Chocmission