August 22nd: Zotter Mitzi Blue Mango Tango

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Josef Zotter really does live on a different planet to the rest of us! The bar I'm reviewing today is the first one I've tried from Josef's new Mitzi Blue range - a new line of chocolates inspired by a car nonetheless (I told you he was nuts!!). Yes it seems our Austrian chocolatier friend takes inspiration from not only his ingredients, but also the automotive trade. His attempt to combine his two passions has seen him create this new range of 'wheel shaped' chocolates, included in which this Mango Tango variety lies. Before launching head on in to the review, I must again give a shout out to my friend Lee from @Chocolatereview - he was again the kind provider of this chocolate for my reviewing pleasure.

If you take a look in the JCM archives at all the Zotter reviews you will realise that a near 90% of my previous experiences have been with Zotter's 'Handscooped bars' range. This Mitzi Blue Mango Tango offering was a different proposition entirely and it came presented as a flat, thin, round shaped chocolate. Whilst the format of the product was different to normal, there were consistencies with the style of the presentation with the bizarre on-pack artwork again penned by Andreas Gratze. As usual I wasn't clever enough to work out the symbolism behind the drawings, but at the same time I appreciated the cool, funky unique look it established. I'm no art critic but I don't think it can be disputed that Gratze's work doesn't add character to the Zotter products. The chocolate itself was also very interesting on the eye and it certainly created further intrigue with it's chocolatey, fruity scents.

So what exactly constitutes a madhouse, Zotter created "Mitzi Blue Mango Tango" chocolate then!? Why it's the combination of 'mango chocolate and dark chocolate with brazil nuts' of course :-D As you will hopefully be able to see from the my photos above this was predominantly a thin outer rim of cream coloured mango white chocolate, with a centre piece of 80.0% cocoa dark chocolate, all topped with chopped brazil nuts. Breaking the chocolate apart was very easy and I tackled it by eating all around the central dark chocolate before allowing myself to the 'treat' of my favourite chocolate type for my last few mouthfuls - best until last is my policy of course :-) Starting with the mango chocolate then, it was a delicious white chocolate offering and it's mild, crisp, milk focused taste had a strong citric, mango flavour edge to it. Importantly it avoided the pitfall of being overly sweet and the main impression it left on me was it's fruity emphasis which was very much a good thing. The addition of the chopped brazil nuts added little to the taste, though they did bring a sense of variety texture wise with their fresh crunchyness. As for the dark chocolate, aka the 'Main Event' haha well it certainly wasn't a letdown - it was wonderful! The dark chocolate maintained a hint of fruitiness from the outer mango portion yet also established strong tones of rich, earthy cocoa with intriguing hints of coffee and red wine. This was a superbly variable, progressive tasting chocolate that seemed to develop with every stage of it's melt - it was certainly an exciting flavour journey from beginning to end. 

Overall I could label Mr Josef Zotter with every word under the sun relating to the term 'crazy' but I think time would be better spent just marveling at his fantastic chocolatiering capabilities. The guy is frankly from a different planet to the rest of us but I think it is this uniqueness that makes him the genius that so many have come to love. This Mitzi Blue Mango Tango was yet another example of his talent for combining different flavour combinations - I'm not saying he gets it right 100% of the time, but if you look at the JCM archives it's not often that he picks ingredients that are ill-matched for each other.The pairing on offer in this bar today was again an instance where Josef has got things spot-on. The sweetness and acidity of the mango fruit played nicely with the richer, more mature offering from the dark chocolate and it made for a highly enjoyable plethora of different taste directions. I can see why quite a few people often turn their noses up at Zotter chocolates as I understand his creations don't always fall within the boundaries of what is deemed 'normal'. Personally I enjoy them for the most part and would recommend you at least give them a try if they do hold some intrigue for you.

8.9 out of 10