August 27th: Mars Caramel (UK)

Kcal 204 Fat 8.1g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs (sugars) 27.0g

Two weeks ago I broke the news on the JCM twitter feed (@Chocmission) that Mars were launching a new limited edition offering for the UK market, the Mars Caramel bar. The official announcement read:

'The latest product innovation from Mars contains 100% chewy caramel coated in thick Mars Chocolate, and aims to capitalise on increasing consumer preferences for caramel. Available in stores across the UK from the 10 September, the Limited Edition Mars Caramel has already had success in the US, Canada and Australia.'

You may recall that I have actually tried both the American (See HERE) and Canadian (See HERE) versions of this bar before, and it was the US Milky Way Simply Caramel that was much to my preference.

Well it didn't take me long to track down our very own UK bar and I found it on sale in my local Tesco retailing at £0.53. Both the wrapper and the bar looked very similar to the Canadian version and it was disappointing to see it was a less impressive looking, smaller 45.0g offering compared to the beefier American Milky Way Simply Caramel. The bar still retained many of the sweet milk chocolaty scent synonymous with Mars chocolate but at this point I was already braced for disappointment.

As you will see from my JCM leaderboard the Mars bar is one of my all time favourite chocolates and I've never been much of a fan of tampering with a winning formula. Why on earth would you want to remove the nougat in the first place? Well I guess if you get more caramel like you do in the American version then it is somewhat understandable as you are sacrificing one element of the bar to make room for another. Personally the feeling I got left with from this Mars Caramel UK bar was that the nougat had been taken out, but with no added extra caramel included. I could be wrong in that the caramel may be more greatly portioned, but my this wasn't something I perceived in the taste thus what I was left with was a rather generic sweet tasting milk chocolate, with a decent standard sweet buttery caramel - if I wanted this why would I not just choose the superior Galaxy Caramel in the first place!?

Overall I don't like to ever call anything in life pointless but Im afraid Im very much struggling to find a justifiable reason why I could suggest this Mars Caramel UK bar is worth you trying. The bar both aesthetically and when you eat it feels like something is missing. Do you know the defect Kit Kats you sometimes get where they are all chocolate and no wafer!? Well this bar gave me exactly the same feelings as when I used to come across one of them. Indeed all seemed cool and quirky at first, but then after a few bites it became all too apparent that the bar was just missing something. As I said above if you are taking away the nougat then you have to compensate it with something else ala more caramel in the Milky Way Simply Caramel. This was something Mars UK didn't oblige us with Im afraid. Buy one perhaps for the sake of trying it, but trust me I think you will be yearning for the original not long after.

7.0 out of 10