August 29th: Hotel Chocolat Puddles 2012

Considering the amount of rain we have received in the UK this summer it feels somewhat appropriate that I review these Hotel Chocolat Puddles. Both of these flavours were included in my latest sampling package from HC - one new variant and one I had reviewed previously way back in the day of May 2009 (thats over 3 years ago now!! Crazy huh!?)

Both of these Hotel Chocolat Puddles came in 110.0g bag sizes and separately cost £5.50 each. I thought this was rather expensive for a single bag on it's own, however I thought the promotion of £4.50 each when buying 3 or more bags was a lot more agreeable - See promotion HERE.

Down the years I have reviewed  a few different Hotel Chocolat Puddles with varying amount of success - you might want to see HERE and HERE for those old reviews. If you do take the trouble to take a wander back in ChocolateMission time you will notice that the packaging has changed a little. The Puddles now come presented in frosted plastic packets as opposed to the cheaper looking older bags - personally I think they look cooler, and more premium than previous.

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles - See 2009 review for my extensive thoughts HERE. These were still every bit as fantastic as when I last had them. I'm more than happy to stick by my 8.8 out of 10 ruling.

Hotel Chocolat 70% Dark Chocolate & Ginger Puddles - Boy these were god awful .... only kidding :-) No these were seriously very good and met my high expectations. The dark chocolate was typically Hotel Chocolat in that it started off mild mannered and non-bitter but grew in stature of it's cocoa strength and flavour sophistication as the taste developed. The puddles shape meant these were perfect just popping on the tongue and the smooth, well paced melt meant that the earthy cocoa and subtle ginger spice flavours were long sustained in the mouth. The ginger influence was a little under powered for my liking but it did bring about another dimension to the taste with its small lick of spice and heat to the mouth feel.

8.8 out of 10

Overall if you are thinking of purchasing any of these Hotel Chocolat Puddles then I would strongly suggest you take these two flavours in to your consideration. Fans of dark chocolate will no doubt love the ginger infused Puddles and the Salted Caramel ones offer a similarly superb, friendlier offering. I've always thought these are good options to gift people if you are looking to impress them with good quality chocolate, but at a price that isn't going to seem over the top to either purchaser or receiver.