August 3rd: Kit Kat Cookies & Cream 2012 (Original Review May 2009)


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Kcal 337 Fat 17.7g Fat(sats) 11.4g Carbs 39.9g

Given the fact this bar hails from Australia it probably wont surprise you to hear that it's not one I frequently get to have. In fact I think I've had fewer than five in my lifetime however thanks to my new pals at Cybercandy I'm sure I'll be having them a bit more frequently than I have been. Though I may be a regular consumer of this Cookies & Cream flavour my latest foray with the bar brought back several memories of my first review from May 2009.

The massive 65.0g size was the same and the constituents of the traditional Kit Kat milk chocolate coated wafer enhanced by a vanilla cream flavoured filling and small cookie pieces was entirely consistent. Looking back at my photo from 2009 the ratio of filling to wafer looks more heavily wafer based - to be honest from what I tasted I can't say it altered my experience to any detectable degree. As noted back in 2009 they worked together superbly and made for a lovely chocolate wafer and creamy Oreo cookie like synergy. Like I said back then, this was a very sweet chocolate bar to eat in it's entirety in one sitting but with that said the three block format made offered the option of saving a portion for later should someone feel it necessary.

Overall I detected way more familiarities than differences and that's why I've stuck with my original score of 8.4 out of 10. We had the Kit Kat Chunky competition here in the UK earlier this year and I think this flavour could of done very well had it been one of the entries. I still regard it as a bar well worth getting hold of if you classify yourself as a Kit Kat fan.

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Kcal 346 Fat 19.9g Fat(sats) 11.5g Carbs 37.6g

Nestle have taken a bit of battering over the last few weeks due to their dismal 'Treasures' range but if there is one thing you can count on nine times out of ten is that their Kat Kit brand will deliver the goods. This bar has been requested many a time by ChocolateMission readers so I was especially pleased when Shopenzed sent across this Kit Kat Cookies & Cream in the latest package they sent me. Described as 'a smooth filling with crunchy cookie pieces over chocolate wafer fingers covered in milk chocolate' all the signs were that this could be a real winner; a quick think back to the Kit Kat Cookie Dough though did leave me a little sceptical that it could be pulled off.

The bar came in a 65.0g serving size ... yes you read that right 65.0g!! Suffice to say if your on a diet this probably isn't the bar for you - the calorie and fat content will probably leave many dieters with nightmares. I liked the look the packaging it was in the standard Kit Kat Chunky design and implemented a nice cool sky blue colour. The bar itself looked pretty appetising as well and as you can see in the picture above it had a very plentiful cream layer that was lined with small pieces of cookie. Standard Kit Kats tend to have quite a biscuity smell but this Cookies & Cream bar had more of a sweet dairy led aroma that was evident when searched for.

In regards to taste this bar turned out to be a complete shake up from any other Kit Kat I have tried. The normal wheat and malt flavours of the wafer were absent and were instead replaced by a more buttery shortbread taste that just had the smallest hint of salt. Lining this biscuit layer at the bottom was a nice cocoa creme which didn't fail in delivering the chocolate hit that the coating struggled to substantiate and additionally managed to give the biscuit a pleasant moistness. As you can imagine a lot of the taste was dictated by the plentiful cream filling layer and despite its rather one dimensional taste it was actually very nice. Surprisingly it tasted exactly how it was billed - imagine the inner creme of an Oreo biscuit and you wont be far off the sweet, almost fondant like flavours that I experienced. The centre was extremely sweet but the slight lick of salt from the biscuit layer made for a nicely balanced overall taste. 65.0g was possibly pushing the boundaries of what I could handle due to the sweetness though at the same time I wont complain as it made for a fulfilling snack.

Overall I don't know quite what I was expecting, but in a good way this certainly wasn't it. I guess after the gimmicky 'Cookie Dough' variant I was expecting more of the same here though I am pleased to say I was proved wrong. This bar delivered exactly what it said on the wrapper - it combined a wonderful biscuit/cookie base with a sweet creamy fondant like layer on top. The combination was pretty damn wonderful and although I would probably still choose the Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter over it, I would still highly recommend this bar on the basis that it offers something completely different to the rest of the Chunky range. I can't seem to find many other reviews of this bar on the net so it would be interesting to hear from you people that have tried it.

8.4 out of 10