August 8th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble

Kcal 540 Fat 31.2g Fat(sats) 17.9g Carbs 55.8g (per 100.0g)

First of all I must thank my friends @CybercandyLtd who sent this bar across to me in one of my latest sampling packages. When it comes to getting the latest chocolate and snack treats from the Southern Hemisphere, these guys have become somewhat of a savior for me. They not only stock all the latest Cadbury Australasian bars like the one today, but they also have all the latest stuff from the likes of Nestle, Mars etc (Check it all out HERE). Supplier pimping done with, I now get to talk to you about this Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble chocolate - a bar I was exceedingly excited to get the opportunity to review.

This was a bar that I used to have quite a lot when I was a younger and up until it was taken out of production here in the UK it was probably one of the Cadbury bars I used to have most often when I fancied something different from Cadbury Caramel. I used to always think that the swirled chocolate marble effect made the bar a more 'posh', upmarket, and altogether special offering than just the usual Dairy Milk. These feelings all came flooding back when I had the chance to try this Australian version and a wonderful sense of nostalgia swept over me when I opened up the silver foil revealing the very cool milk and white chocolate blend.

'Dariy Milk milk chocolate and Dream white chocolate with a hazelnut praline centre'. Though I had my concerns that this might be a chocolate that my tastebuds had 'outgrown', I was reassured by the strong nutty smells that the Dream contents might play second fiddle to the hazelnut influence. This reassurance was for the large part proven correct, and it was with great delight that I discovered the Dream white chocolate was the lesser influential constituent involved in the taste. Placing the sensibly sized block on my tongue the well paced melt began with the familiar sweet cocoa flavours of Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate exerting authority immediately. This being Australian Dairy Milk the taste wasn't quite as creamy or thick than our UK recipe yet it was still very tasty and was a nice set up for the even smoother, soft yielding praline center. To my joy the praline was every bit as nutty as the aromas suggest and the hazelnut tones were strong, woody and nicely tempering of the sweetness of the milk and white chocolate covering it. A serving size of 6 blocks (37.5g) was a nice amount and it meant this big bar last me a good week which I thought offered good value for money.

Overall this was a nice trip down memory road and I just hope one day we see it come back to the UK in one shape of form. As I said above I was a little worried that it might be on the sweet side for my own taste now with the presence of the god awful Cadbury Dream white chocolate, but thankfully I didn't find this to be the case. As chocolates go this was probably verging on my limit of my sugar tolerance levels but the praline was 'big' enough in presence to take focus away from that and my lasting impression was that of hazelnut not a burning throat sensation that usual follows Dream white chocolate around where ever it is present. Unfortunately for the moment it doesn't look like we will be getting a UK comeback for the Marble anytime soon. If you fancy reminiscing with a previous age then you will have to get yourself on over to Cybercandy or better yet visit your long lost brother Skip :-)

8.4 out of 10