September 19th: Heavenly Cakes Cappuccino Cake

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ??? (probably plenty of all of these haha!!)

Ever since I first showcased this cake back on the site in 2010 (See HERE), I've received a steady flow  of requests asking me to do a full blown JCM review on it. Indeed this Heavenly Cakes Cappuccino Cake has caught many an eye since that basic feature and several readers have inquired about how good it really is compared to some of the other magnificent Heavenly Cakes offerings. Well folks today is the day for the Cappuccino cake to finally get it's time in the spotlight and as you will see from my photo above you will also see that the cake has undergone a few minor changes since it's first appearance.

My lovely contacts at Heavenly sent me a few slices of this cake, each of which weighed in at an approximate 75.0g - big enough huh!? Compared to the last time I had this cake in 2010 the difference appeared to be the introduction of some real coffee bean pieces in to the lower base and upper chocolate layers. For me this had benefits both aesthetically and for the taste - more on the latter further down! Speaking specifically of the sensory benefits I felt they gave the coffee theme of the cake more legitimacy visually and they certainly enhanced the roasted coffee bean smells that wafted out the wrapper once opened - gorgeous!

As I said above I was lucky enough to be sent a few samples of this Cappuccino cake from the @BettyBakes kitchen so I was able to share some of these with my work colleagues to get their thoughts on it. If I start with the base of the cake and work my way up through the layers I can reveal that the experience started with a bottom layer consisting of chocolate digestive biscuits fused together by a coffee flavoured dark chocolate bind. This made for a taste that was initiated with a biscuity emphasis that provided a deluge of butter, coffee and rich cocoa flavours. This base was then enhanced by a topping of fused Belgian milk chocolate and white chocolate. Together they brought about a kinder, sweeter set of flavours to counteract the more bitter flavours of the plain chocolate and roasted ground coffee contained below. As noted above, the additional coffee bean pieces brought further, intensive bursts of coffee flavours to the party. They also provided some variety texturally as their crunchyness was vastly different to the softer yielding layers of the solid chocolate and moist biscuit base. As much as I loved this cake, for me a whole 75.0g serving was a little on the excessive side. This felt like a perfect amount to split between two people who wanted a little cake to go alongside their afternoon tea or coffee.

Overall given my love for all things chocolate and coffee flavoured I was pretty sure I was going to be handing out a high score for this one and it didn't let me down. What I love about this coffee flavoured offering from Heavenly so much is that it isn't your typical coffee cake. Now when I think of coffee cake normally I get a picture in my head of a rather generic looking, brown coloured sponge cake with a bit of coffee flavoured icing on top - boring huh!? Well Heavenly have completely shaken up that image for me and have created a cake that I don't think has any sort of equivalent. Indeed off the top of my head I can't think of another coffee flavoured cake like this so I think we really have to hand it to them for thinking outside of the box and coming up with something that isn't traditional and is actually innovative. Of course innovation is only really a good thing if what you come up with is of high quality and is better than what you had originally. Thankfully I can say with great confidence that I would choose this coffee flavoured cake above any other I've tried before and I would urge any of you who think you might like it to give it a go. I think it goes without saying this cake comes with a glowing JCM recommendation - none of my work colleagues disagreed :-D

8.9 out of 10