September 21st: Cadbury Caramilk Dark Noir

Kcal 260 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 35.0g

My pals @CybercandyLtd continue to help me navigate my way around the Canadian confectionery market with them today supplying me with this Cadbury Caramilk Dark Noir bar. From the very limited research I've done, the Canadians seem very bought in to the 'health' benefits that allegedly come with dark chocolate. If any of these bars are anything to go by - Aero 70% HERE, Kit Kat 70% HERE, this assumption would likely ring true so it should have come as little surprise that one of Cadbury's best selling products over there would have it's own dark chocolate iteration. Here is my take on it.

This bar came in a 52.0g format which I consumed over the course of two different sittings. It was presented very nicely, and in the same beautiful paper wrapper, foil packaging combination that the original Cadbury Caramilk from Canada comes in. As much as I love the sleek modernity of the matted plastic UK Cadbury wrappers, these Canadian bars have such a nostalgic, old school Cadbury feel to them that I can't help but love. The chocolate bar itself was segmented into well sized branded blocks and as the name led me to expect, was a deep, almost black colour.

On the wrapper the chocolate came described as 'dark chocolate pockets with caramel filling' or 'carres au chocolat noir remplis de caramel dore' if we are going for the Canadian spin. Doing the photography for the review today I noticed that the caramel was a little runnier than other caramel bars of this nature. The filling oozed the blocks when I cut in to it and with it's golden colouring looked very appetising indeed. With this being a mass produced Cadbury dark chocolate it wasn't at all surprising the taste chocolate was pretty mild in cocoa intensity. The flavours on offer were more along the lines of unsweetened milk chocolate, with the underlying milk creamyness still present, just not with the usual touch of sugar rounding off the aftertaste. The caramel inside did deliver a degree of contrasting sweetness to the party, though this was only present for a limited time as it melted away a lot faster than the chocolate leaving a lasting salty legacy.

Overall I've tried many a chocolate caramel combination in my time and I would place this Cadbury Caramilk Dark Noir right around the upper middle of the rankings. I found the chocolate to be sound, yet not particularly spectacular. I've learnt over the years not to expect to much from mass produced dark chocolates from the likes of Cadbury but with expectations low I was happy enough with the unsweetened style dark chocolate that was on offer here. The caramel inside was similarly uncomplicated with its salt noted sweet butter flavours but I still enjoyed the variation it gave from the plainer chocolate. I wouldn't classify this as one of the many Cybercandy (See Shop HERE) purchase must haves, but if like me you like trying out all the different Cadbury Caramel offerings from around the globe I can say with a deal confidence that it wont likely disappoint.

8.3 out of 10